Top 10 Secrets for Success


What is it really that makes some people more successful than others? Is it education? Upbringing? Social standing? Appearance?

Although these factors have effects on one’s success, they are not the sole factors which drive a person to strive. There are actually 10 traits common to most successful people. This list has been passed on from person to person, but each one that comes across the list agrees that they are really instrumental to achieving success.

1. Your positive mindset. To be successful, you must always be optimistic. You must avoid negative situations, people and environments. Note that this is probably the most important trait in the list. Your perception greatly affect the outcome of your actions and decisions. When you think you will succeed, then your will, .but when you think you will fail, you also will. At times when you feel down, remind yourself that your negativity will never solve things. It’s your optimism that will encourage you to get up after failing.

2. Know what your dreams and goals are. Knowing what you wish to achieve is the first step towards success. Make your dreams so encouraging and uplifting that you have no choice but to strive to achieve them. Your goals are your gauge of how far off you are from your ultimate success. Tackle one goal at a time, and see yourself more from mere dreaming to actual achieving.

3. Take action. Your goal remains a dream, until you get up and take action. Your dreams will not be achieved by mere dreaming – you must move and work. This is the only way you can get results. Even if you take small steps towards its fulfillment, all those small steps, when taken together, amount to a huge step towards your goal.

4. Don’t stop learning. Your education does not have to stop the day you graduate from school. Your life is a collaboration of all the lessons you have come across – pains, failures and losses included. Use these failures as true life lessons that will help you be stronger. Aside from the street knowledge, try to gain more actual factual knowledge, too. There are so many developments happening around us, and a true success is always updated. Watch documentaries or knowledge channels on television, if you don’t have much time. Just fill your brain with all the relevant information requisite to your success and expertise.

5. Be persistent and work hard. You cannot be a true success if you are not willing to work hard. And part of working hard is persisting despite the distractions, failure and frustration. Be the successful person who worked for his success – it’s much more fulfilling.

6. Analyse details. Learn to look at facts, not rumours. Analyse first before questioning… then draw conclusions. Sometimes, people make mistakes because they’re too lazy to learn the facts. The only way to be truly successful is by learning the art of analysis. Read the fine print to avoid errors.

7. Refuse to listen to naysayers. Avoid being in the company of people who will tell you that you can’t do it. Eventually, their negativity will rub off on you, too. Instead, surround yourself with people that inspire you – people who make you smile, people who believe in your capabilities. These are the people who will be happy for your success, so keep them close.

8. Don’t be afraid to be unique. It’s easy to go with the flow, but it takes a true success to dare to innovate. In a world that’s trying to make you like everyone else, it takes guts, persistence and true character to be unique – and these are the very qualities that will carve your path towards success. Stop being afraid to be different – be a trailblazer instead.

9. Master the art of effective communication. Part of being successful is knowing how to communicate with people. A person who is not able to relay his thoughts and ideas effectively will never really achieve true and lasting success. He is bound to be misinterpreted, or his own poor communication skills will be his downfall.

10. Be honest. You might as well forget about traits numbers 1 – 9 if you are only going to be dishonest. No real success is borne out of the misery of others. Never lie to get what you want. Be dependable and trustworthy. You word is that which determines your integrity as a person. Without it, you’re bound to fail in the end.

*By Michael Griffiths: CEO and Founder of Secrets Of A Super Life, providing individuals with personal development strategies to increase their purpose, passion, happiness and life fulfilment. For your free life success pack please visit


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