KidZania to celebrate the London Olympics with spacial games


The Olympic spirit resonates at KidZania®, the award-winning children’s edutainment centre managed by Emaar Retail LLC, with the participation of KidZania® Dubai in the KidZania® Games global initiative to be held until August 12, 2012 at the children’s edutainment city located in The Dubai Mall.

KidZania, The Dubai Mall

KidZania® is celebrating the upcoming KidZania® Games with various activities themed around the Olympics for the little ones, aimed at enabling them to further develop their enthusiasm and awareness of sports and be part of the excitement surrounding the global event.

Ric Fearnett, Mayor, KidZania® Dubai said: “Inspired by the Olympic Games, the KidZania® Games will offer children the opportunity to discover the joy of sports and feel and act like athletes. Several Olympic themed activities will be showcased which will enhance the awareness of our young visitors about the Olympic Games. KidZania® Games marks our commitment to offer new and innovative edutainment experiences for children by drawing on the popularity and universal values associated with the Olympics.”

Children will have the opportunity to learn new disciplines or perfect their skills with an array of choices at the special sports arena of KidZania® that will offer Gymnastics, High Jump, Boxing and Weightlifting. Going beyond the practice of sports, the edutainment centre will feature special themed activities for kids to become better team-players and develop team harmony.

KidZania® will also hold a special Athletes Parade; a march by KidZania® mascots. Children dress up to represent various KidZania® nations around the world and wave their flag as they walk the parade route.

KidZania® provides a safe, unique and very realistic educational environment that allows kids to do what comes naturally to them: role-playing by mimicking traditionally ‘adult’ activities. It features offices, university, fire station, race track, radio station, pizzeria, hospital, bank, theatre and ATM machines, among others, all scaled down to a smaller, child-friendly size. Children dress up in real-life uniforms and perform realistic professional tasks in a fun and meaningful way.


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