Smart Learning Program set to revolutionize UAE educational standards


Following the successful launch of the Mohammed bin Rashid’s Smart Learning Program by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, the program has embarked on a workshop to share its vision with teachers. The program aims to create a unique new educational environment in schools, and this entails the distribution of tablet PCs for all students, and providing all state schools with 4G high-speed networks. These plans will improve the quality of education in line with the global scientific renaissance.

The learning program organized a workshop to give teachers an in-depth understanding of the program’s goals, and explain how they can implement this unique experience in the region.

The workshop was attended by His Excellency Humaid Mohammed Obaid Al Qatami, Minister of Education. The workshop highlighted the importance of the program in the Ministry of Education’s goal to upgrade educational standards in the UAE. This will ultimately boost the UAE’s productivity, and enable the nation to stay in touch with developments in the international education field.

Dr Issa Bastaki, CEO of the Etisalat Fund Support and Information Systems, stated: “The program extends over a period of five years and consists of three phases, including the introduction, implementation, follow up and maintenance. We aim to achieve the highest rate of success, by putting special emphasis on a gradual transition to smart concepts of education. We have already set up the appropriate mechanisms, so that each phase can shift successfully to the next phase.”

The program’s organizers strive to ensure the smooth operation of the educational system at schools across the country, and to enrich the curriculum. This is particularly relevant because there is a new trend globally which has seen a transition to a more market-relevant form of education. Therefore it is vital to ensure that the output of the education sector matches the needs of the employment market.

During the workshop, attendees discussed the learning program’s goals of improving education standards. This will be achieved by connecting deeply with students, encouraging their pursuit of knowledge and empowering them to learn, by giving them modern educational tools. The program also strives to instill the concept of global competitiveness, so that UAE students aim to be the best in the world. Furthermore, the learning program aims to enhance the education system at all levels: from the school administration, teachers and students. These levels will then be linked with external stakeholders such as parents and policy makers.


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