Executive Leaders Programme kicks off with ‘Strategic Planning’ session


Mohammed Bin Rashid Programme for Leadership Development (MBRPLD) announced that the first session of Executive Leaders Programme, which was organized under the title of ‘Strategic Planning’, has concluded its activities.

The five-day session is part of the Leadership Programme which was launched by (MBRPLD) last June aiming to support executive leaders in order to achieve Dubai Government’s future goals by activating communication between them and enabling them to exchange experiences.

Amal Bin Adi, Director General of Dubai Government Human Resources Department, said: “This training session, which falls under the Executive Leadership Programme, will significantly contribute towards enhancing planning skills of participants, developing their capabilities to determine the ideal strategy for their respective corporations in order to meet internal and external changes. In the process, it will help drive comprehensive growth and achieve the strategic goals in line with Government insights on the best practices in leadership, and improve their efficiency to meet the requirements of Strategic Plan 2015.”

Participants representing different government entities praised the efficiency of the session and its importance in developing their career path.

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Programme for Leadership Development will organise the second session of the programme, under the title ‘Improving Judgment and delivering Results’ by September 2012.


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