Had an oppurtunity to release a yearling on 29th June 2012


Dear Editor,

I wanted to write to you regarding the Turtle release that I attended at Al Mina Al Salam, Dubai. I had the most wonderful time on 29th June 2012 during the release of 155 turtles into the wild.

At Delhi Private School, Sharjah we are involved in the Marine Protection through the Eco School project. I came across the website of Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project and as I am involved in many environmental initiatives, I decided to write a mail to them requesting them to consider me too along with other children for the release of turtles. I was delighted and surprised when after 2 days I get a mail stating that they have accepted my request and I have been given an opportunity to release a turtle on 29th June 2012.

We reached the venue by 8 a.m. and got to see the 6 adult turtles to be released with their satellite tags all ready and waiting.

I released a juvenile Hawks bill turtle along with my sister, mom and dad. I bid my turtle friend goodbye and good luck! It was definitely a joyous moment. I was beaming with joy having had a big dream of mine come true. I wish to participate in more of marine protection campaigns and for the conservation of environment. I have also planted a tree at Mushrif park as part of the E.E.G campaign. It’s our prime duty to do everything within our means to help support and protect our Earth!!!

Kudos to Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation project for their good work.

My motto is “Don’t wait for Change, Be the Change!”

From Andrew Boby Jacob, Age: 10 yrs.; Grade: 6 at  Delhi Private School, Sharjah


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