Social media gains status, print media fades out


Media should focus on key areas such as ‘civics and education’, ‘family issues’ and ‘health and medicine’

Dubai Press Club, organisers of the Arab Media Forum, has announced the results of the survey conducted during the 11th edition of the event. A total of 734 responses were received from a sample size of 3,800 (19.3 per cent).

The survey piloted by Dubai Press Club supplements the research efforts of the organization for the fourth edition of the Arab Media Outlook, a report that tracks the changes, developments and media consumption patterns in 17 Arab countries.

The poll revealed that 53 per cent of the respondents would like the media to focus on key areas such as ‘civics and education’, ‘family issues’ and ‘health and medicine’. Interestingly, only six per cent felt that the media should spotlight topics such as ‘media transparency’, ‘politics’ and ‘sports’.

The growing status of social media as a source of news was also highlighted with 60 per cent of the surveyed stating that they obtain over 30 per cent of the news from social media platforms, while 15 per cent gained between 30 and 69 per cent of their news from social media feeds. Additionally, 10 per cent of the respondents said they depend on social media as a news resource for almost 30 per cent of the time.

While 54 per cent of those surveyed confirmed that they followed the recent political situation in the region from online sources, 43 per cent preferred the TV. Print media was used by a meagre three per cent only. The vast disparity towards print media was also evident in the outcomes of the fourth Arab Media Outlook.

On examining the status of the print media’s marked decline, 25 per cent of the respondents believed that the industry will fade out. However, a solid 75 per cent affirmed that the end of the print media is still a long way to go.

A whopping 55 per cent of those surveyed agreed that the quality of Arab journalism has evolved for the better over the last two years while 24 per cent feel significant change is yet to take place. Notably, 21 per cent concurred that the situation has worsened.

The Arab Media Forum has garnered year-on-year success through the past 10 editions, validating Dubai and the UAE’s ability to host high-profile events that draw a significant international media presence.

Themed ‘Arab Media: Exposure and Transition’, the 11th Arab Media Forum brought together over 3,800 regional and international journalists, as well as influential decision makers, opinion leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators. The highly anticipated Arab Journalism Awards attracted over 1,200 media professionals.

In the run up to AMF 2012, Dubai Press Club released the key findings of the fourth Arab Media Outlook, providing projections for the regional media sector up to 2015. Every attendee to AMF 2012 was handed a copy of the report.


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