Galatea Gallery debuts in Dubai


A new art gallery named Galatea (the name comes from ancient Greek myth about Pygmalion’s sculpture that came to life) debuts with an exhibition at the RoyalMirage Hotel in Dubai.

Galatea Gallery is to exhibit artworks by international and local artists. Those include paintings, sketches, sculptures and other items. Apart from art exhibitions, Galatea plans to host other events such as lectures, auctions, meetings and contests.

Galatea will facilitate contacts between artists and those who are interested in their works. This doesn’t apply only to the potential buyers, but to people interested in arts at large.

Oxana Krasieva, director of the gallery says: “Galatea Art Gallery is a creative experiment, that attempt to to take a new look at art. The project has personal character, as all the paintings have been selected with the individual taste of their creators in consideration. Galatea will become an intersection of fine arts, commerce, social life and education. We will inaugurate  the gallery with a special contest targeted towards young local artists. Galatea Art Gallery will present some works handed out to us before the end of spring and enable those works to be judged by some local moguls and media people.”

The Gallery launches its first art exhibition with a cocktail party on April 24th at 7 pm in the Jetty Lounge of Royal Mirage Hotel, Dubai.


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