17% increase in business licenses issued in Dubai


The Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) issued 1,507 business licences for various types of businesses in Dubai in March 2012, a 17% increase from the 1,284 licenses issued in March 2011, reflecting robust growth and stability across key economic sectors in the emirate. A majority of the new business  licences issued was in the tourism sector (156%), followed by the professional (18%) and commercial (16%) sectors.

The investment climate in Dubai presents the ideal destination to start a business and create partnerships.

The total number of trade names issued in March 2012 reached 6,056, a 37% increase compared to March 2011 (4,434), and the number of initial approvals increased 23% to 2,623 from 2,129 in March 2011.

DED’s report also indicates a remarkable rise and growth in activities related to contracting and maintenance of buildings.

‘Dyes and paints’, ‘General trade’, ‘Tiling floors and walls’, and ‘Carpentry and installation of floors’ led the list of the top 10 licensed activities in the commercial category with 186 licenses. Among professional activities, ‘Cleaning services for buildings and residences’ led the list with 131 licenses followed by ‘Electrical repair and wiring installation’ and ‘Restaurants’ with 41 licenses. ‘Sewing, embroidery for women’ (39 licenses) and ‘Sewing women’s clothes’ (37) were also among the leading activities licensed in March 2012.

In industrial activities, ‘Blacksmithing and welding workshops’ led the list of the top 10 licensed activities with ‘Car assembling,’ ‘Manufacture of schools and hospitals furniture,’ ‘Manufacture of coil aluminum foil,’ ‘Packing of dried fruits and vegetables,’ ‘Manufacture of bread’, ‘Liquid battery’ following.

The total number of business licenses amended in March 2012 was 5,410, a two per cent increase compared to 5,310 in March 2011. The total number of transactions rose five per cent to 47,234 in March 2012, from 45,061 in March 2011.


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