How to enhance your future by selling yourself right


Numerous people find it very difficult to sell themselves as a product or a commodity, and that is because of modesty, and because they do not perceive themselves as products and commodities. We are people, we are individuals, are we not? The response to that question is not as simple as it should be.

On the human level, yes, of course we are all individuals, and we are all lovely people with feelings, emotions and worries. However, when you are an employer, you have tasks to do and deadlines to meet, and although it is a real shame that the son of employee number 456789 has broken his arm, and he requires time off, it is a nuisance to sending that order out on time.

Depending how vital the work is of employee 456789 obviously and how substantial the workforce is. In a shop, it could be a disaster, in a factory, it hardly matters. It is natural, no matter what business managers and owners have learned to say, it is a nuisance if items do not go smoothly in business. It is the purpose of a business manager to smooth out these bumps.

Once you begin to see the worries of your employer or even interviewer, who represents the employer, you can begin to see ways of how to advance your career by selling yourself right. Therefore, the employee (or business owner who wants to sell) has two tasks to do to start with.

First, find out what the employer needs and second, find out what you have to give. You might think that you already know the answers, and perhaps you do, but let’s go over them anyway. An employer wants you, as an employee to make his life easier. You can do this by being punctual and dependable.

The employer already has a good concept of what you are able to do by looking at your CV. What the employer does not know is whether you are trustworthy and dependable.

Now it comes down to you. You could substantiate your CV, but the employer has most likely already done that anyway. So, your task is to prove that you know something concerning the company, that you are interested in, what it wants to accomplish, and that you will pull out all the stops to help accomplish that.

If you cannot state that, maybe you are applying for the wrong career. Enthusiasm counts for a lot. These days there are often 20-30 applicants going for each position, therefore, become more selective and be more knowledgeable about the companies you apply to.

Finally, it is vital to be courteous. This shows itself in several ways. You should dress in an appropriate manner. Casual/smart is good enough for most interviews, smart to formal is crucial for others. Men should be clean-shaven, with a full set or at least trimmed. It is not good enough to go looking as if you did not have time to shave because you got up late, because you don’t care about the position. Women should either ensure impeccable hair style or tie their hair. Clean hands, polished shoes, modest bags and accessories usually are positively taken by employers.


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