Bride Show Dubai: Wedding Planning & Production Exclusive


One of the eye-catching displays at the Bride Show Dubai  2012 belongs to Candles & Rings. This is a wedding event styling and production company that is founded by Mariam Gulistan. She has learned her craft from the iconic Mr. Preston Bailey of New York himself. From one-of-a-kind designs to relentless efforts to meet the client’s needs, the wedding planner’s signature touch ensures a creation of a wedding day memories that last a lifetime.

Dubai Chronicle’s editor met with Mariam Gulistan and stole few minutes of her precious time during the Bride Show Dubai.

Q.: Is this your first visit to Dubai?

A.: No, I have participated in numerous events.

Q.: How did you hear about the Bride Show Dubai?

A.: I have read about it in a newspaper. This is the first time I am participating.

Q.: How long you are in business?

A.: As of now, it is 2 years. I am just launching in Dubai.

Q.: How much could cost a wedding reception organized and executed by you?

A.: Over a million dirhams ($272,000).

Q.: Who are your customers?

A.: My customers are mostly local couples.

Q.: How would you describe the visitors who stopped by your boot at the Bride Show Dubai?

A.: I can describe them as people who are in love with my services.

Q.: Would you participate again in the Bride Show Dubai?

A.: Yes, definitely!


  1. Its really very amazing and eye catchy. One cannot put their eyes somewhere else. There are so many shops that provide materials for such kind of decoration. Flower are the one of best option for any decoration. You can also buy them online.

  2. How ironic! The woman who wrecks other people’s marriages is actually running Candles and Rings. Well good luck to those brides to be.


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