How to use Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing has taken the world wide web by storm. It touches each of our lives in one way or another practically every day. Internet marketing is also a terrific way to make money if you learn the way to do it right. In this article let’s talk about how to use social media marketing and earn money with it, especially as a way to work at home.

1. Blogging

Get Noticed - $7.99 .Com or .CO from!Here is the most common form of social media marketing being done today. There are literally countless blogs around the world selling things everyday.

Just like almost everything on the internet, blogging has grown to be more sophisticated. To make money as a blogger you need to do a few things properly.

Initially you need to purchase your own domain name and host it with a quality hosting company like This keeps you in charge of your blog at all times as opposed to free blogging platforms.

Utilize one of the numerous free or paid  designs to manage your blog. This is a super easy method to publish your content without needing any technical skills.

Try and create your blog around a theme you have an interest in. This should help you make money faster instead of focusing on a broader niche.

If you choose something you have an interest in you will stick to it for a longer time. It will also become more fun to work on regularly which is actually a secret to making money as a blogger.

Add more content to your blog on a regular basis. With time you will begin to develop regular followers. Search engines will likewise come and crawl your blog which will help provide you with search engine rankings.

2. Social directories

Bookmark your blog posts using a service like OnlyWire. This can serve as search engine bait.

Getting your blog articles into big social directories such as Reddit help search engines find your blog. This is achieved by developing valuable back links from over thirty social directories at a time.

As you start to rank for additional keyword phrases in your blog articles or blog posts your traffic increases not just from the social directories, but also from the search engines. Google loves blogs and this is among the top ways to make money using social media marketing and search engine optimization.

3. Social networking

About one billion people now have a Facebook account. Several hundred million people use Twitter everyday to earn money.

Social networking is a great way to advertise things to your friends and followers. You can do this in a totally free and passive way by making updates consistently.

You can also buy paid advertising and get your products or services in front of people who you do not associate with every day. Internet marketers have discovered Facebook and Twitter to be a great source of inexpensive and effective advertising.

4. Discussion forums

Go to your regional forums and find a discussion forum that pertains to the theme of your website.

Get involved in the discussions and you’ll be amazed at the quality of traffic you are able to drive to your website. This can be a form of social media marketing that actually works best when you’re not actually trying to sell something.

5. Video marketing

YouTube is the largest shared video site and they are owned by Google. Google loves to rank videos for targeted keywords and phrases.

This makes it possible for one to get Internet traffic and sell products and services by submitting short videos you create. This may be a skill worth finding out how to do.

These are several ideas on how to use social media marketing to make money. The more ways you drive traffic to your website from social media the more cash you will earn with any of your work at home opportunities!


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