For Parents: Managing Disobedient Preteen


In Dubai, bringing up teenagers and preteens is not an easy task due to the multi-cultural and multi-lingual mixture of the society. Different school systems contribute to the complicity of the issue, as each one imposes its own values.

However, general ideas for dealing with a disobedient preteens may help the majority of parents. These involve knowing that he or she requires you, establishing trust, determining how your preteen likes to be talked to, respecting the preteen, giving limitations, and teaching your own child self-awareness.

It is a common situation for parents and also their preteen children to be detached from each other. Preteens are at the stage in their lives when they are prone to uncomfortable behavior. Unless mothers and fathers understand how to play their part, these undesirable behaviors will probably continue and can get worse.

This article discusses few ways for parents to assist their preteen children into more obedient behavior.

Understand that he or she needs you

Preteens need their parents, and they are completely conscious of this. Nonetheless, they do not have a clue how to tell you that they still require you. Therefore, they end up becoming rebellious. Fix this specific issue by understanding your preteen and that he  or she still requires you.

Establish trust

The inclusion of trust is vital to any relationship, such as that between a preteen and his or her parents. However, building it with a preteen is not always easy to do since children in this phase are prone to shutting their parents out. Nevertheless, you should have perseverance in letting your ptreteen know and also feel your love for him or her. Continue to let them observe that he could always come your way for comfort.

Figure out how your preteen likes to be talked to

Your preteen will definitely have a choice on how he wants to be conversed with. You might not have to inquire about this, but you could surely observe it. See if he or she likes talking to you when you sit down with him to discuss a certain matter, or when you bring up the topic while you are also performing another activity. Talking to him when he is most comfortable would allow him to become more open to you.

Value your preteen

Everyone prefers to be respected, including preteens. Hence, we should provide them this immediately, so they will be more polite to you and to other individuals in return. Any time you enter your preteen’s room, always knock just as you need other people to knock on your door before they enter. And then, notice what he or she is doing and enter the bedroom slowly. In case he or she is preoccupied playing a video game, for instance, you could ask him gently what it is about to begin a conversation.

Give limits

Parents desire nothing more than to give a restriction to a preteen’s inappropriate behavior and hostile personality before they end up being “Troubled Teens” in their next phase of life. However, parents should let a child know that their love has no border and that they will always feel the same for them no matter what. If you get into a debate with your child, don’t achieve the point where scream with one another. Rather, you could relax and calm down so you can softly speak to your child instead.

Train your child self-awareness

Find ways to educate your child regarding being self-aware in his words and actions, even if in a subtle way. If there is a specific situation which he dislikes and comments rudely on, you could respond to it in a fashion that will let him know it isn’t polite to comment that way, but in a mild and possibly humorous manner.

Raising preteens is not easy, but you can become successful and enjoy your child’s preteen years if you have perseverance and keep your foot down regarding obedience.


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