What kind of wedding do you want?


Things to consider when planning your wedding

The choices are endless (so it seems) when it comes to planning a wedding. Every theme, scheme and dream can be catered for with the abundance of wedding options to behold. Do you want a wedding that contests a royal event or a small and intimate affair with just the slightest of details? Either way there are so many choices and options to decipher so here’s our guide to choosing the kind of wedding that is perfect for you and your man.
Size matters

The first consideration you will probably make for your wedding is its size –from stately homes to your mum’s house and everything in between. Usually, a wedding’s size reflects the couple’s personalities. Loud and bold couples may choose larger venues complete with novelty features, entertainment and invite everyone they know. But if you’re more modest and subtle then perhaps a smaller venue with your nearest and dearest is more your thing. Usually budget plays a big part in deciding what size your wedding should be, so consider what matters more to you; quality or quantity. If you can’t afford the full works of a big wedding then remember that small and perfectly formed can be just as appealing – how about a local restaurant decorated exactly to your taste or a marquee in your garden?

Traditional vs. contemporary

Weddings attach many traditions which you may or may not choose to follow. Something borrowed, something blue, top tables and speeches are all part of traditional customs but feel free to design the wedding you want by adding some modern touches. Instead of a bouquet how about holding a fan or a Venetian mask on a stick? Or instead of an iced fruit cake why not choose tiered cupcakes instead? You could even choose to arrive at the ceremony with your man! How about riding a tandem or arriving in a bike and side car? Traditional weddings have their perks too; wedding rings, veils and not forgetting the vows are all very romantic touches to add sentiment to the day.

Home & away

Deciding whether to get wed in your home country or further afield is a major consideration for your wedding as it will determine many features from then on. If you are more sentimental then perhaps choosing the location where you met your man or had your first date would be appropriate, or if you want a wedding that will be an adventure as well as a special occasion then why not travel to exotic shores? Of course marrying abroad has further implications with regards to official matters and cost, but it may be the escapade you desire. A wedding is a special day and you may feel a loyalty to your home town, but you can always have a smaller celebration at home before or after your foreign nuptials to satisfy the home bird in you.

Day & Night

You can create very different atmospheres depending on whether your nuptials are at night or day. Many couples are choosing to get married at dusk as the effect the falling sun has can be quite magical and makes for stunning photographs. A daytime wedding would be ideal during summer months as you can enjoy the warmth and light the summer sun will bring. If you chose a nighttime wedding, guests could hold lanterns or you could even have a bonfire or fireworks. A morning wedding would be a fitting reminder that weddings are a new beginning, but your guests may not be willing to rise and shine! (You could always have coffee as a welcome drink!)


Season is a major wedding factor as again it can alter the entire feel of the wedding. Usually the season of your wedding will set the scene for any themes, colour schemes and choice of clothing, food and flowers as they need to be in keeping with the weather and trends. For a brighter, bolder wedding summer is probably the way to go as you can indulge in luminous blooms and bright, refreshing cocktails. While a warmer, cosy wedding would be perfect in the winter with candles and fairy lights. You could even incorporate national holidays into your wedding depending on the season –have you considered a Christmas theme or Valentine’s wedding? Or even be totally ironic and have a glamorous New Year’s Eve theme in the middle of summer!

Formal vs. informal

This can largely depend on family as older generations can sometimes prefer the formalities of a wedding, including speeches, wedding breakfasts and prearranged seating plans. However, if you fancy a more relaxed affair then go for a buffet, a beach wedding or even get wed in your pjs! (Stranger things have happened). Some couples will see their wedding day as an opportunity to do whatever they like without worrying about the ‘shoulds’ and ‘coulds’, but if you feel you want to incorporate the formal aspects then go ahead and buy those favours and write those name cards! A great informal wedding idea is to have a picnic or barbeque, as opposed to the formal sit-down three course meal. A popular choice for a laid back day is for the groom to wear a linen suit and open buttoned shirt without a tie or for a beach wedding you could supply your guests with flip flops and sunglasses.


Theming is your opportunity to really make your wedding unique to you and your partner and for it to be a memorable experience for your guests. Popular themes include medieval, glamour, vintage and fairytale but as long as it’s consistent throughout your wedding then your theme will make a big impact. You may not want a theme at all and simply opt for neutrals which can look just as elegant. But if you’re all for making an impact then consider colours and patterns as a continuous stream throughout your day. Incorporate this into invitations, bridesmaids’ dresses and the groomsmen’s ties, as well as centrepieces, favours and flower arrangements. You don’t have to choose colour, though. Why not take inspiration from your country’s flag or your favourite film? Or take your guests back to their childhoods with retro features. Many couples are using their personalities and interests as the basis for their theme, with countryside weddings, gardening or sports themes. The world’s your oyster.


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