Asking for business through social networks


Asking for business on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn is not difficult. One should only keep his target in focus and cut the time-wasters.

If you aim to build online exposure for your business, you should post information or advertisements on different social networking platforms. This will lead to meeting new people online, having conversations and eventually handling new opportunities daily. It is important to know where to draw a line at some point with the time-wasters.

If someone is continually asking for your advice, free product, tips and so forth, respond no more than three times. Each time spend no more than three minutes before you ask for the business. If the other party does not respond or opts to not do business with you, there is no need to continue offering additional expert advice or tips and guidance for free. People will respect you more if you respect yourself and the value of your experience. Stick to this 3/3 boundary formula!

If your business revenue has either leveled off or declined, it’s worth looking into whether your sales team is asking or has stopped asking for the business. Sometimes they can go on a constant back and forth for months, crossing their fingers in the hope they will eventually get the buy from a customer.

Many people do not ask for what they want because of a number of reasons. Some don’t even know what it is they want. This causes a delay in asking before you even start.

What exactly do you want from the people you communicate with, whether it is online or in person? You need to determine what this is for yourself first. Write the top three things you would like from new people you will meet. Is it a connection, a certain amount per contact, or accessing their knowledge?

Start asking people who you meet the very first time, “What would you like from me? How can I help?” Ninety-nine percent of the time people will look back at you in amazement. Be patient while they figure out how to respond.

A strong reason people don’t ask for what they want is the fear of rejection. There are also some who fear success, because they do not know how to move to the next level.

So, if you want to get a business through the social networks, start asking questions! Secure new clients weekly by explaining to them how you can help them by giving specific details. Then simply ask if they want to hire your services or buy your products!

Good luck in getting business through the social networks!


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