CEO of Menacom awarded “Arab Ad Man of the Year”


During a high profile ceremony held at the Prestigious Phoenicia Hotel, Joseph Ghossoub, the Chairman and CEO of Menacom Group, was awarded by Arab Ad the title “Man of the Year”, for his groundbreaking contributions to the industry along his unwavering passion for what he does: innovation.

Political and mundane figures, gurus and leaders of the advertising and communication world gathered at this event to celebrate the man who helped shape the industry since 1979, and recognize his accomplishments in the MarCom field. The event follows the release of ArabAd’s latest issue, which documents Ghossoub’s career, work and impact in the world of advertising in the region, and around the world, starting from his first days at Intermarkets in the late 70’s, to holding the chairmanship of the MENACOM Group.
Walid Azzi, Publisher of ArabAd, said in his welcoming note at the ceremony: “We are gathered here this evening, to pay tribute and honor a self-made man who unknowingly would elevate MENA’s advertising market to dizzying new heights through a results-oriented approach.”

The Arab Ad publisher went on to commend Ghossoub’s far reaching contributions: “Joseph has received more awards and honorary medals than any other man in the field. A great supporter of young talent, he seized every opportunity to foster their creativity by affording them relevant roles in the communication industry.”

In his note, Azzi also highlighted the respect and affectionate ties that connect Ghossoub to his colleagues and friends, as he puts it: “Sincere and abundantly generous, he is forthcoming when speaking his mind and is most of all a man of action.”

Speaking at the ceremony Joseph Ghossoub said in his speech: “We came to reap the fruits of all those great men who first created the industry and had the insightful vision to build from scratch the whole media and advertising sector in the region; this helped us to be what we are right now.”
“In this occasion, I’m pleased to be honored in my home country, which couldn’t unfortunately embrace all its pioneers who roamed the world spreading innovation and excellence wherever they land. Now I appreciate what this nation has given us as a lighthouse of speech freedom and a source inspiring creativity and beauty,” Ghossoub stated.

Praise for ArabAd’s choice has come from various people around the world, most notably from David Sable, Global CEO of Y&R, who remarked, “Joseph is a true leader, whose successful development and growth of MENACOM is in itself an amazing achievement. His incredible integrity and his involvement as community leader have drawn Y&R to the agency he built so many years ago.”

Joseph Ghossoub joined Team Y&R as Managing Partner and CEO in 1993. In 1997, he formed THG, which grew under his leadership to become one of the most successful communication groups in the region and renamed MENACOM in 2009. Ghossoub was awarded the first Dubai Lynx Advertising Person of the Year Award, presented by Cannes Lion International Advertising Festival.


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