NASDAQ Dubai okays UAE brokerage to trade Internationally


Premier financial services group MENA CORP is pleased to announce it received approval to operate as a broker on NASDAQ Dubai, a step that would enable it to trade and clear securities for clients on the region’s international exchange.

Located in the Dubai International Financial Centre, NASDAQ Dubai is regulated by international standards and provides easy access for investors around the world as well as in the region via the Dubai Financial Market (DFM)’s trading platform.

By virtue of NASDAQ Dubai’s wide range of securities including equities and structured products, MENA CORP’s clients will be able to build more diversified portfolios that improve their chances to invest successfully and mitigate risks.
“As the economic outlook in the UAE brightens, we are pleased to offer trading and clearing services as a Member of NASDAQ Dubai,” said MENA CORP Chief Executive Officer Fathi Ben Grira. “We look forward to playing an active role in the continued growth of the Exchange.”

MENA CORP, based in UAE capital Abu Dhabi, opened its Dubai office in the DFM in October to cater to prospective clients in the city and northern emirates.

“As we expand our range of products available for investment and risk management, we are delighted to be working with MENA CORP to enable more individuals and institutions to link to the Exchange,” said Craig Hewett, Head of Business Development at NASDAQ Dubai. “Through joining directly from the regulatory jurisdiction of the UAE, MENA CORP can provide easy and straightforward access to NASDAQ Dubai.”

MENA CORP is the financial subsidiary of the well-renowned local conglomerate Bin Hamoodah Group, which was established in 1967, and serves in diverse financial areas such as investment banking, securities brokerage, asset management, private equity and financial research.


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