Airbus commitments worth US$20.5 billion at Dubai Airshow


Airbus won a total of 211 orders and commitments at the 12th Dubai Airshow worth US$20.5 billion, underlining outstanding demand for the A320neo, and again proving its status as the fastest selling airliner ever. The order intake includes 135 firm orders worth US$13.7 billion (130 A320neo and five A380s) and 76 memorandum of understanding (MoU) worth US$6.8 billion.

Qatar Airways made the single largest firm order (50 A320neo and five A380s) worth US$6.4 billion at list prices. Firm orders for the A320neo from ALAFCO (50) and ACG (30) worth a combined US$7.3 billion demonstrates the A320neo’s strong investment appeal by lessors.

Spirit Airlines made the largest commitment at the show for 75 A320 Family aircraft (30 A320 with Sharklets and 45 A320neo) worth US$6.7 billion.
‘Comlux The Aviation Group’ signed a commitment for an Airbus ACJ321 – the first placed with Airbus for the type – expanding Airbus’ corporate jet family. This deal, worth US$99.7 million, will make Comlux the first to operate the Airbus ACJ318, ACJ319, ACJ320 and the ACJ321.

John Leahy, Chief Operating Officer, Customers commented: “The order intake at this airshow is the second best we’ve ever had at Dubai. Our A320neo has again been the star of the show. But despite some storm clouds on the horizon there is still strong market demand for fuel-efficient aircraft from airlines and lessors.”
The A320neo is a new engine option for the A320 Family entering into service from 2015 and incorporates latest generation engines and large “Sharklet” wing tip devices, which together will deliver 15 percent in fuel savings. The A320neo has over 95 percent airframe commonality making it an easy fit into existing fleets while offering up to 500 nautical miles (950 kilometres) more range or two tonnes more payload at a given range. By end of the Dubai Airshow sales of the neo have reached 1,420 orders and commitments in less than a year after launch, making it the fastest selling aircraft ever.

The A380 is the most advanced, spacious and eco-efficient airliner in service today. Typically seating 525 passengers in a three class layout, the A380 is capable of flying 8,300 nautical miles / 15,300 kilometres non-stop. Over 16 million passengers have already enjoyed the unique experience of flying on board the all-new aircraft. The in-service fleet has accumulated by now almost 400,000 revenue flight hours in nearly 45,000 commercial flights. As of today total firm orders for the aircraft stand at over 243 from 18 customers worldwide.

Airbus is the world’s leading aircraft manufacturer offering the most modern and efficient passenger aircraft families from 100 to over 500 seats. Headquartered in Toulouse, France, Airbus is an EADS company.


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