Aesthetic Medicine: New cutting edge services, facilities


The Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is repositioning itself as a boutique clinic for aesthetic treatments, catering to those in search of world-class medical experts who specialize in head-to-toe aesthetic procedures.

The Clinic has, for instance, introduced a Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Procedures Department, which specializes in offering alternative methods for those who are fearful and opposed to ‘going under the knife’. It offers minimally invasive techniques for anti-aging, slimming, sculpting and over-all rejuvenating. One of the highlights among the range of procedures offered in this newly established department is the complete mind & body rejuvenation using the patient’s own platelet rich plasma, or the healing properties derived from the patient’s own blood. The procedure is simpler than it sounds and is performed in the comfort of the office environment. Contrary to popular belief, plant stem cells or animal stem cells or even the stem cells of another human being would not be compatible with any other person other than the one they are derived from. In other words, the only way to use stem cells or platelet rich plasma for regenerative purposes is to take them from the patient’s own blood and re-inject them in the areas where rejuvenation is needed.

“There is a consistent increase in demand for anti-aging and cosmetic procedures as the vibrant population of the city wants to look and feel their best. The Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic’s aim is to cater to individuals who make informed decisions regarding their appearance and wellbeing and who appreciate being treated in a facility whose goal is to provide the absolute highest level of safety and quality of service,” said Dr. Basem Al Halabi, a General Practice Physician Specializing in Aesthetic Medicine, at The Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic.

The Clinic also offers comprehensive laser and skincare solutions, and has introduced a new CO2 Fractional Resurfacing Treatment. “Based on clinical trials performed at our facility, this treatment offers far superior results with far less recovery time. In Aesthetic Industry, Fractional Resurfacing procedure is recognized as ‘go-to” treatment for ultimate skin rejuvenation, skin laxity, open pores, acne and post surgical scars, sun damage, pigmentation, and many more indications. It is known to erase ten years from patient’s appearance in just one session. The ability to customize the treatment and combine it with other evidence based techniques for optimum results make it an ideal solution for many of Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic’s Patients, said Ms. Olimpia Carmen, Laser and Skincare Therapist and Trainer.

Offering exceptional levels of quality and safety, Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic’s aim is to focus on world-class Aesthetic procedures which cater to those in search of a fountain of youth based on evidence based technology and technique. The clinic also focuses on research and customization of procedures, which yield optimum results as there are no two patients alike. The clinic will soon be applying for major industry accreditations including the ISO and JCI as a testament to its consistent excellence.

Apart from establishing a new department with a broad spectrum of new services and apart from adding new Equipment to our Skincare and Laser Department, Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is adding three new members to our Plastic Surgery team. Three New Experts from Three different continents will join in the efforts of exceeding the patient’s expectations and offering the latest procedures in the field of Aesthetic Medicine along with exceptional service.


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