CNN launches Global Exchange from Abu Dhabi


Launching November 7th, the new prime time business show airs Sunday – Thursdays at 9pm UAE, live from Abu Dhabi, as CNN continues to expand its business programming portfolio.

CNN International is expanding its business programming portfolio with the launch of ‘Global Exchange’, an hour-long weekday focus on the emerging markets looking at how emerging market news is framing the new world order.

Alert to the huge impact that the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China) and other emerging markets are having on the world’s economy, ‘Global Exchange’ will report, analyse and interpret the events, players, trends and indices that are impacting and influencing the global financial community, at a time when business has never been a more significant part of the news agenda.
“’Global Exchange’ is part of the growing roster of programme production coming out of CNN Abu Dhabi,” added Deborah Rayner, VP and Managing Editor for CNN International Europe/Middle East/Africa. “It highlights the increasing importance of CNN’s Middle East newsgathering, broadcasting and production hub to CNN’s global operation. We’re excited to be offering even more content from the region for our global audiences.”
“CNN is constantly looking to anticipate its audience’s needs, and dynamic, relevant business output has long been core to the news mix we offer,” said Katherine Green, CNN International’s Senior Vice President and General Manager. “Now we’re going a step further. There is no question that understanding the impact of emerging markets on your business is key to unlocking future success in the global marketplace. ‘Global Exchange’ will provide the information and context that matters to keep our smart, forward-looking audiences right on top of the emerging market news they need to know. The international spread of our correspondents and contributors makes us perfectly placed to cover the countries and markets that really matter.”

About ‘Global Exchange’:

Anchored out of Abu Dhabi at the cross roads between east and west, ‘Global Exchange’ draws extensively on CNN’s network of international correspondents to provide a unique vantage point on the new dynamics at play in today’s business world. The show is presented by emerging markets editor, John Defterios, whose expertise is flanked by regular contributions from Robyn Curnow and Errol Barnett in South Africa, Luis Carlos Velez across Latin America, Shasta Darlington from CNN’s soon-to-open Brazil bureau, Mallika Kapur in India, Ramy Inocencio in Hong Kong and Richard Quest from the UK, bringing audiences the stories and interviews that matter from Brazil to China, Russia to India, Africa to Central Asia and beyond.
‘Global Exchange’ also includes the ‘GX20’, a global hotlist of some of the world’s biggest economic thinkers. The GX20 will be drawn from the key emerging markets, from across China, Russia, India and South Africa, contributing daily to the show and bringing an added dimension to the business stories that count. There will also be a dedicated look at Generation Xchange, the youth who make up the real foundation for future growth.
The show also features ‘Along the Silk Road’, a weekly five minute bespoke segment that will explore the burgeoning trade and investment links from the Middle East to Asia –  Beijing, Mumbai, Istanbul, Kabul, Moscow, Hong Kong, Jakarta and Dubai. The series surveys the export driven economies, countries with vast capitals of reserve and natural resources, which economic forecasters pinpoint as the ringleaders of growth for the next quarter of a century. ‘Along the Silk Road’ will be a high quality blend of polished feature reports and high profile interviews with newsmakers – those at the cutting edge of this geo-political shift.
The new show will have a dedicated webpage at featuring the latest facts and figures from emerging markets, plus expert analysis from contributors and presenters.
Audiences can also follow the show on Twitter at @CNNGlobalEx for the latest show news, guest information and more.

‘Global Exchange’ is a strong addition to CNN’s vibrant portfolio of business programming, a fresh complement to the successful ‘Quest Means Business’ show, the recently expanded ‘Marketplace’ franchise, and the long-running popular World Business Today strand, at a time when business stories continue to set the world news agenda.


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