UAE to Host International Residency and Citizenship Expo

  • The event will bring together various industry leaders and government officials to assist aspiring high-net-worth individuals looking to acquire a new citizenship

  • The expo will host various exhibitors from across the world showcasing various citizenship and residency programs.

With an aim to underline varied prospects in citizenship and residency across the globe, the International Residency & Citizenship Expo 2022 is returning to Abu Dhabi. The Expo, which serves as a platform to assemble government bodies, approved consultants, official authorised agencies, legal entities, property developers, consultants and all the other associated entities, will be organised by Dome Exhibitions at the Conrad Etihad Towers on October 7 and 8th – 2022.

The event that includes a conference will highlight residency and citizenship-by-investment (CBI) programs, under which various countries grant residency and citizenship for a significant investment in the country. There has been a rising number of investors migrating from their home countries to reap the benefits of visa-free travel, financial security, safety from political and economic uncertainties, personal freedom and the prospect of exploring diverse markets around the world. Owing to these factors, immigration-based investment is rapidly gaining momentum.

Experienced finance, tax, and immigration professionals will be present in the conference to give advice to attendees, particularly high-net-worth individuals. The two-day event will also feature the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program, which provides a path through investment for people who want to live permanently in the United States and who may eventually want citizenship.

The International Residency and Citizenship Expo 2022 is one of the prominent events to be held in the capital, which is expected to witness 50 plus exhibitors from 30 countries showcasing 60 plus programmes and projects that will showcase the benefits of obtaining an international citizenship.

Participants in the event will also be shown the prospects of obtaining a dual citizenship, which offers benefits such as visa-free travel, financial security and personal freedom. The Expo will offer expertise on the decision-making process essential for the appropriate citizenship and residency opportunity. The platform is committed to facilitate dual citizenship opportunities for the expatriate community by comparing the range of options offered by different countries. Currently, there are numerous residency programs, like the Golden Visa program, which are being popularised by benefits such as visa-free travel, access to global markets and quality education opportunities. Real estate acquisition has become one of the most popular routes to obtain a Golden Visa.

Arun Bose, Associate Director, Dome Exhibitions LLC – Exhibitions/Conference, said: “The Citizenship Expo has been the first-of-its-kind B2C exhibition and conference since its launch inception in 2016. It has served as an ideal platform to over 500 industry experts in Citizenship by Investment from across the globe, including major delegations from governments and the investment migration council from Geneva to showcase opportunities in citizenships in different nations. The industry is projected to witness an exponential growth in the coming years, especially in the post-pandemic era, which is showing true potential for the immigration and citizenship in foreign countries from this region. In 2019, the global residency and Citizenship by Investment industry was valued at USD 21.4 billion annually and is expected to generate a USE 100 billion revenue by the year 2025. The online registrations this year shows a gradual increase in interest from expats, who are looking for a second home as an investment during this year’s exhibition.”

According to New World Wealth and Henley & Partners study, in the UAE, Dubai amounted to 42,400 millionaires, followed by Abu Dhabi with 23,800 millionaires.

Numerous exhibitors specialising in citizenship by investment from countries such as Portugal, USA, Canada, Caribbean countries, Cyprus, the UK, Malta and Greece, will be participating in the event. Additionally, the event will offer opportunities to numerous expatriates from India, Pakistan, Syria Lebanon, Palestine, Philippines and few other countries like the Middle East, Asia and Africa looking to obtain a start-up visa, which are one of the most sought after.

The COVID-19 pandemic posed a number of challenges with lifestyles being affected by travel restrictions and local health systems. Citizenship by investment is one of the positive aftereffects of the pandemic as it offers high-net-worth individuals with an alternative to live freely abroad for a long-term. The CBI will be the key highlight during the two-day Expo.

During the event, participants will be presented with updates on leading investment migration programs and related opportunities in investment across the world. Advisors and government entities will offer professional guidance and consultancy to participants. The expo offers opportunities for one-on-one interactions with prominent consultants from the immigration industry to explore different avenues in setting up a business, opening bank accounts and expanding investment around the world without personal, income or any other tax liabilities or restrictions on repatriation of profits.

The event will also showcase numerous property developments and various investment options, consultation and financing opportunities. Current insights on the markets will be provided by regional and international real estate investors, brokers, and developers from the Middle East, Europe, and Asia Pacific participating in the event.


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