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Pink Rose campaign by Worood raises Breast Cancer Awareness


Worood, the floral boutique, has built up a strong momentum with its unique Pink Rose campaign that is spreading breast cancer awareness in and around the UAE. The campaign which began just over a fortnight ago has already distributed over 2000 pink roses to both cancer patients and survivors at several events across the city. The boutique will continue to be a part of many more activities throughout the month of October and are encouraged by the good-will and support to The Pink Rose campaign.

Worood’s Pink Rose campaign is simple, yet meets the objective of spreading the message of breast cancer awareness. Short messages left by online users and gathered at the events are reproduced on elegant cards that are attached to each of the pink roses. The pink roses are given away at some large as well as smaller community programs that are working towards breast cancer awareness. These include The Big Pink Tea Party by SolidariTea, Dubai Hospital, Bras for a Cause, and a special event by Pink Caravan.

“As a company, we have been actively involved and participated in several breast cancer awareness activities in the UAE for many years. This year we decided to take it one step further and begin our own campaign to bring hope and encouragement to cancer patients and survivors” said Maryam Al Noori, Managing Director, Worood. “Generating awareness could mean saving more lives. And we truly believe that every pink rose given away by us will be one more person receiving the important message, whether it is a young girl, older women and men as well senior citizens. Since we began distributing our Pink Roses at different events, we have received some heart-warming messages that have been left by supporters on our Facebook page. We know that these messages will continue to spread hope and admiration.” she added.

The Pink Rose campaign has tied up with some of the most prominent awareness events and will continue to distribute the roses that are now synonymous with Worood’s efforts to pass on the inspirational messages to many more people.



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