11th Middle East Women Leaders award to honor women in excellence


The Middle East Excellence Awards Institute announced the “11th Middle East Women Leaders Awards” to pay tribute to the outstanding contributions of women trailblazers who made valuable efforts in inspiring and transforming the world with their indomitable willpower on March 8, 2012 in Dubai. The awards will be held at the WOIBEX 14th Global Women Leaders Summit, which is an initiative by Datamatix which recognizes and celebrates the economic, political and social achievements of women. Especially held on Women’s International Women’s Day, WOIBEX reminds us of the need to honor women from the Middle East who have performed outstanding achievements in their respective arenas.

Award nominations are invited from the public through the website www.meawards.com. The particulars on the 15 different categories of award are also available in the website. The last date to accept online nomination is the 19th of February 2012. Nominations must come from the Middle East region to get considered. Each nomination shall be supported by relevant documents. The details are available through the institute’s website.

Winners will be picked by a panel of judges comprising of international and regional industry experts and leaders. The decision of judging panel which comes out after a rigorous evaluation process will be the final.

With the Datamatix reputation of offering world-class leadership conferences and events, the WOIBEX 14th Global Women Leaders Summit is quickly becoming the premier regional women’s leadership conference in the UAE.

To get more information about the awards, conference and other sessions tailored to corporate women and women business owners, please contact:

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Tel: +971 4 332 6688
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E-Mail: info@datamatixgroup.com/ info@woibex.com
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