Second phase of the Dubai Metro naming rights initiative launched


The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and the Dubai Metro naming rights project made their mark worldwide in 2008 with the kick start of a new marketing concept that assisted the Emirate in creating a new income stream to broaden and improve services, whilst giving companies a totally new channel for branding, sampling and customer interaction.

Eleven corporate partners were successfully signed and are currently enjoying this comprehensive and innovative marketing platform, leveraging both naming rights and integrated branding opportunities – a first of its kind combination in the world, according Adnan Al Hamadi CEO of RTA’s Rail Agency.

“September 2011 marks the second phase of the Dubai Metro Naming Rights Initiative and RTA is pleased to announce the availability of specially-selected stations exclusively available to potential strategic partners. Each of these chosen stations has a unique value, calculated according to its prime location, anticipated passenger numbers and other variable factors. Of the 47 Dubai Metro stations and two lines, landmark or historic sites will continue to remain un-branded,” said Al Hamadi.

“RTA is now inviting companies to join their 11 existing partners in becoming part of this exceptional opportunity to have their brands and identities attractively represented in their selected state-of-the-art metro stations. Not only does this programme provide the partners with a mega-marketing platform while generating daily secured brand recognition, but also develops a continued sense of community and commitment to the growth of Dubai due to the exposure to the significant numbers of customers who use the metro every day,” he added.

He also confirmed that RTA welcomes companies to meet with them and discuss a possible partnership structure and more importantly hear from them on what is most important to their brand and how they see themselves benefiting from this opportunity.

“Whilst there are no exclusions, the RTA would like to attract a wide interest from home grown companies and those whose international brands are a big part of life in Dubai. There is also an integrated process for matching companies to locations to ensure all metro station name holders are culturally appropriate,” continued Al Hamadi.

RTA invites companies and organizations interested in naming one of the available Dubai Metro’s stations to get in touch via email and through the RTA website to learn more about this exciting initiative. All interested parties are asked to submit an email to request any Information or to set up a meeting to better understand the company needs and detailed discussions may begin.


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