Health awareness campaigns for Ramadan


SEHA, the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, has announced the launch of two awareness campaigns for the Holy month of Ramadan. The campaigns’ goals are to reach out to the general public about the importance of monitoring health and regulating medicine intake during the Holy month and to ensure optimal lifestyle benefits during fasting.

The first campaign, ‘Taking Your Medicine during Ramadan’, focuses on balancing your desire to fast with your medical needs during Ramadan. The campaign highlights four areas of interest, offering fasting tips for diabetic patients, individuals with heart disease, pregnant women, and children.

“Ramadan can offer a number of health benefits, especially when people monitor their dietary intake and ensure the maintenance of any medication regimens they are on,” said Mr. Khalifa Al Ketbi, Deputy Chief of Operations Division at SEHA. “There are a number of precautions that can be taken to avoid common symptoms and issues, and SEHA is proactively reaching out to ensure that everyone can observe Ramadan in the healthiest way possible. The campaigns launched will reach the majority of Abu Dhabi people, and with the cooperation of SEHA’s hospitals, will ensure a heightened interaction with the patients to deliver the main messages of those campaigns.”

The second campaign, ‘A Healthy Ramadan’, revolves around a charismatic young cartoon character known as ‘Saeed’. Saeed, who dispenses health tips to friends and family and encourages a healthy lifestyle during Ramadan, is set to appear and converse with the public through a number of channels, including print, radio and television spots.

Salama Al Mazrouei, Senior Marketing Specialist said, “Healthy lifestyles are important for a better quality of life, and we are hoping that ‘Saeed’ will be able to communicate with a diversity of audiences in a way that appeals to them. The characteristics of ‘Saeed’ and the healthy lifestyle that he promotes will be key in the audiences’ reaction and interaction with the messages that he will deliver.”

In addition, all the hospitals under the SEHA ambit have revealed their own awareness activities lined up during the Holy Month of Ramadan. These include community outreach programmes and health hotlines where people can find advice on dosage and medicine scheduling to facilitate fasting. The hospitals will also focus on social activities, meals distribution and marketing several tips and advices through an array of communication tactics.

“SEHA is committed to offering world class healthcare and ensuring that everyone can enjoy the spirit of Ramadan in the best health possible. We’re reaching out to the community to ensure that healthcare needs are met during this holy and spiritual month, and we wish everyone a happy – and healthy- Ramadan,” Al Mazrouei concluded.


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