Dubai external trade with foreign countries valued at 235 bln dirhams


Emirate of Dubai’s non-petroleum direct international trade shot up 30% equivalent to more than AED 235 billion in the end of the first quarter this year as compared to 180 billion dirhams in the same period last year and AED 159 billion dirhams during the same period of 2009.

Dubai Customs most latest statistics reports showed that Dubai’s imports for the first 4 months in this current year expanded by more than 40% with 29 billion dirhams as opposed to 20 billion dirhams during the period from January to April in 2010. On the other hand, the re-exports expanded to a higher growth during the first third of this current year, reaching to 38% with a total value of more than 61 billion dirhams comparable to 44 billion dirhams for the same period of 2010.

His Excellency, Ahmed Butti Ahmed, Executive Chairman of Ports, Customs and Free Zones, the Director General of Dubai Customs, explained that the total value growth of Dubai’s direct external trades turnover with external world is an indication evidently reflects quick recovery of business activities movement in Dubai with availability of future opportunities for more growth and productivity.

His Excellency, Director General of Dubai Customs said: “these achieved growth turnover indications predict availability of sustainable economic growth in Dubai and mainly target productive sectors of higher added value with intention of contributing in the improvement of individual’s incomes, prosperity and creating different sources of incomes” this secured growth is entirely reflected in areas of direct trades exchange which included exports in addition to re-exports and imports. The emerge of this growth is also in parallel with the strategy that followed by UAE in relation to the importance of enabling wide range of productivity, economic activities, establishment of mutual commercial and business relationships with nations worldwide, delivery of advanced excellent services, facilitation of simplified procedures across customs sea, land and air ports, all these together have contributory led the achievement of these positive outcomes.

He further noted that: “ the recorded growth rate in the re-exporting process during the first three months was approximate to the growth rates of the exports which surged to 37.68 with a value exceeding 61.5 billion dirhams. he believes that this is in the first place an outcome of Dubai’s high capabilities in the high development infrastructure and the advanced set of legislations that meet top international standards which in their turn contributed to adding up to the efficiency of Dubai’s strategic location on the map as a major crossing hub for trade movement connecting east and west and granting further operational competency to the business community.

His Excellency highlighted that the recorded growth percentages in respect of re-exports within the first four months of the current year, were almost similar to the percentages achieved by the imports. the percentages surged to 37.68% equivalent to more than 61.5 billion dirhams. he attributed this achievement to Dubai’s high efficiencies and advanced infrastructures

India maintain to rank to Dubai’s biggest direct trade partner in the first four months of this current year,, the trades exchanges with Dubai reached to 75 billion dirhams, occupies percentage of 37% of Dubai’s total direct trades with outside world, while Dubai’s imports from India amounted to 36 billion dirhams. values of re-exports from Dubai to India reached to 26.68 billion dirhams while Dubai’s exports to India reached 12.73 billion dirhams

China and USA stood at second and third place in the first countries exporting to Dubai with value of 14 billion dirhams and 10 billion dirhams accordingly. in terms of the top export destination for Dubai, Switzerland was at second place with value more than 2 billion dirhams. Saudi came in the third place with more than 1 billion dirhams

Diamond (raw and manufactured) came first with a total of more than 27 billion dirhams, followed by gold and platinum metals with value of more than 23 billion dirhams and then gold, related parts and precious metals with value of more than 8 billion us dollars. in the fourth place, vehicles and their spare-parts secured more than 6 billion dirhams

Gold also took the first spot in the exports list with 17 billion dirhams. it was followed by petroleum oil and waste & scrap of precious metals or ordinary metals with more than 1 billion dirhams. polycarbonate resins and epoxide Akital came in third place with value of 546 billion dirhams

in re- exports, diamond (raw and manufactured) came first with a total value of more than 28 billion dirhams followed by vehicles and auto-spare parts – value round 3 billion dirhams and then jewelry & precious metals with value of 2.66 billion dirhams

His Excellency, Ahmed Butti Ahmed expected that, during the coming few periods of this current year, the growth rates of business indications in Dubai will continue to develop especially if we look at the available current indications which ensured the competitiveness of Dubai position as a central strategic hub destination for business sectors supporting products, quality and providing facilities of business systems in compliance to international standards.


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