Dubomedy makes “funny” a family business


Ahlan’s Hot 100 Comedy Couple made it official! Renown comedians, Mina Liccione and Ali Al Sayed, were married at a splendid wedding ceremony held in Dubai last Friday, June 24, 2011.

Together, Mina and Ali took their first step as a married couple with the blessings and support from their families and many friends. Guests flew in from all parts of the world to celebrate this special day with the happy couple. The ceremony was filled with both love and laughter, leaving everyone in joyful tears and adding extra sparkle to an already magical evening.

Al Sayed said “ This is so awesome, it’s like the Royal Wedding! All the women are in tears! It should’ve been televised.”

Mina Liccione is an Italian-American Broadway veteran and award-winning Tap Dancer, Comedienne and Performing Arts Educator. Ali Al Sayed is an Arab Stand-Up Comic, Producer and OSN Presenter from the UAE. Together they co-founded Dubomedy Arts; the first Comedy and Urban Arts School in the MENA Region. They worked diligently over the last 3 and a half years to create a local comedy community all while providing professional training, performance opportunities for local artists and using comedy as a tool to bring the many cultures living in the UAE together.

Not only does their “East meets West” relationship reflect in their professional endeavors but also in their wedding ceremony. The couple did an excellent job of blending their two diverse cultures to create a unique and very memorable wedding.

As they are both performers and comedians the reception naturally had to include a few entertaining surprises! From a lovely Lebanese singer to a local Stand Up Comic to a fantastic Scottish MC to the father of the bride singing Dean Martin’s “That’s Amore”.

With a busy month of tours, workshops and shows; Mina and Ali with their dedication and passion have managed to be a part of many events such as the Rotana Comedy Tour and The Hilarious Show- 3 Day Comedy Festival all while planning and having a beautiful wedding.

When asked how things will change now that they are married Liccione said “The biggest difference is that we’re now going to have to fight over who gets to use which joke when it comes to married life!”


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