RTA announces implementation of Federal Traffic Link


His Excellency Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), announced that Drivers & Vehicles Licensing System in Dubai Emirate has undergone a quality shift over the last two years reflected in the launch of a number of initiatives aimed at upgrading drivers training & licensing services, licensing of drivers, uplifting the safety level of novice drivers, implementation of the federal traffic link system and developing & diversifying the channels through which RTA delivers its services to customers.

At the top of these services come the modern communication technologies and online services. RTA has therefore recently developed a comprehensive strategy to transfer and provide services online in keeping with the vision and drive of the e-Government of Dubai.

Service Delivery Channels

RTA Chairman of the Board and Executive Director explained the above saying, “Upgrading licensing services delivery channels project aims at launching new channels for delivering services to Licensing Agency’s customers, besides upgrading the traditional service delivery channels through the service centers and partners. Owing to this project, it is now possible for customers to process the services provided by the Licensing Agency through RTA website (www.rta.ae), Call Center (8009090) and Trusted Agents (Insurance companies and eyesight testing centers). RTA also simplified the process through establishing online link with several Government and private entities concerned with the licensing services such as the Ministry of Interior, Federal Traffic System, General Directorate of Residency & Foreigners Affairs, service providers, insurance companies, and eyesight testing companies among others. This package of process contributed to saving the time required for processing transactions and enhancing the accuracy of data.”

Traffic Link

RTA managed to complete the link with the Federal Traffic System and now it is possible for drivers and owners of vehicles registered in Dubai to renew their driving licenses and the registration of their vehicles in other Emirates. It is also now possible for drivers and owners of vehicles registered in other Emirates to renew their driving licenses and renew the registration of their vehicles in three centers; Al Barsha Center, Umm Ramool Center, and Deira Center. The project aims at simplifying the procedures for RTA customers in other Emirates, linking offences made in other Emirates with RTA e-licensing system such that they can be automatically renewed, and delivering the services of the Federal Traffic System to customers dealing with the licensing bodies in other Emirates at RTA-affiliated service delivery centers.

The project contributed to achieving a host of RTA strategic objectives as it assisted in collecting fines due to RTA registered against vehicles in other Emirates (Salik & parking offences) and police-related offences, easing the congestion of customer service centers, raising customers satisfaction rating, and achieving the integration and cooperation between various licensing bodies in the public interest and customer interest.

Online Selling of Numbers

RTA launched licensing number online selling service; which contributed to upgrading the relationship with customer categories and strategic partners as the online service provides equitable chances to various community segments in buying number plates as well as settling the sale proceeds. The service also saved customers time and effort, led to reduced expenses, higher revenues and lower risks, and improved the applicable method of selling number plates through controlling the volume of demand and supply without contradicting with customers satisfaction through stepping up the sales means and outlets.

Provisional Licensing

RTA conducted a study of the reality of traffic safety and the extent of drivers compliance with road safety systems and legislations; which concluded to that the overwhelming majority of fatal traffic accidents are caused by novice drivers who lack the experience of the optimal driving method. Pursuant to these results, RTA made a suggestion to the Ministry of Interior to explore the possibility of developing a series of procedures with a view to boosting road safety such as developing additional controls and stipulations applicable to novice drivers at the federal level. The study also concluded to adopting the provisional licensing system such that a temporary one-year driving license is issued during the first three years of licensing drivers below 21 years of age pursuant to the provisions of Article No (17) of Driving & Traffic Law 1995 and the recommendation to affix a sticker on vehicles driven by novice drivers. There is also a recommendation to subject these drivers, after obtaining the provisional driving license, to a mandatory training provided the training program has to include lectures dedicated to traffic safety, driving skills, how to deal with road risks and vehicle driving simulators.

Opening Traffic Files

RTA submitted to the Ministry of Interior a suggestion to explore the possibility of opening a traffic file to start training of driving light vehicles for those who have completed 17.5 years; provided they will not be issued with driving licenses unless they have passed the test and completed 18 years of age. The suggestion satisfies the needs of many youth who have completed the General School Secondary Certificate but still under 18 years and interested in starting the training & qualifying before the start of the academic year of universities and engaged in college studies; which is particularly relevant as training and education on vehicle driving is a lengthy process which might undermine the academic assimilation of the student. The best global practices in this regard offer license applicants an opportunity to have a driving training exposure before completing 18 years.

Medical Fitness Test

RTA is reviewing the Dubai Health Authority the mechanism of applying the Medical Fitness Test to professional drivers such as drivers of taxis and buses. The procedure aims at reducing the rate of driver health-related accidents which often result in immoderate losses and in some cases lead to fatalities. The suggestion conforms to the provisions of Article No (15) of the Driving & Traffic Law; which stipulates the submission of a proof of the medical fitness by those applying for driving licenses. The suggestion obliges all driving license applicants to disclose the health conditions and chronic diseases which might undermine their driving abilities. In case the applicant is found to be is found to be suffering from a health condition or a chronic disease, the licensing body will refer him or her to the competent health authorities to assess his or her driving abilities. It also ensures that all applicants who suffer health conditions or chronic diseases are required to submit medical certification showing that they are medically fit for driving. It also obliges senior (elderly) drivers to submit medical certificates proving their driving abilities, and obliges professional drivers (taxis and buses) to submit medical certificates manifesting their medical fitness for driving once every five years.

Training Methodologies and Manuals

RTA has developed comprehensive drivers training manuals for drivers, instructors and examiners. A comprehensive training program has also been developed for light vehicles and motorcycles for examiners and instructors under the supervision of a specialized company. Instructors are issued with certificates for practicing their profession based on the instructors performance in the test. The implementation of these manuals contributed to improving the quality of training and testing, and accordingly the success rate increased from 16 per cent to 24 percent. At a later stage, RTA will launch a similar program for heavy trucks.

RTA also issued a booklet containing the technical testing standards in coordination with the service providers. All standards adopted by service providers are being identified and benchmarked against the specialized international systems applicable in this regard. All technical terminologies in use were standardized and generalized and the technical testing standards applied by all partners were also standardized.

The project forms the blue print of a 3-year program that aims to raising customer satisfaction, ensuring transparency and equity for all customers, and removing all factors leading to contrasting results of vehicles technical testing results between service providers. The project contributes to curbing the number of accidents resulting from the lack of vehicle safety, and in future it will assist taking of decisions that serve the environmental sustainability through measuring the emissions from vehicles technical testing stations.

RTA is currently engaged in developing vehicle examiners licensing program in order to ensure that examiners have the competency and ability to carry out this important job. Examiners will have to study and understand the modules and sit for a specialized test held by the Licensing Agency such that it only the successful examiners will be endorsed to act as approved examiners.

Testing of Trailers and Semi-Trailers

RTA is currently in the final stage of issuing a legislation for testing trailers and semi-trailers to ensure that they satisfy the conditions of security and traffic safety set for trailers plying the UAE roads. These trailers trigger traffic accidents that cause huge losses in lives and properties and due to the non-registration of trailers, such accidents are registered as accidents caused by ordinary trucks without mentioning trailers. The existing situation contributed to the theft cases of trailers where it is difficult to prove the rights of the affected parties due to the lack of evidence of ownership or identity of trailers as all trailers are locally produced and have no identification numbers (chassis).

The system includes testing and registration of trailers and semi-trailers as per the specifications and technical standards addressing security and traffic safety, and implementing it across the UAE. It also provides for adding trailers and semi-trailers category to the categories of vehicles on which drivers and trained and tested at the time of applying for their driving licenses.

In coordination with the Ministry of Interior, RTA is upgrading safe specifications of recovery and towing vehicles as they have considerable impact on curbing traffic accidents resulting from the dropping of vehicles loaded on recovery and towing vehicles. RTA studied this issue and developed the required specifications in line with the best international specifications where the findings and specifications were shared with the Ministry, said Al Tayer in a final comment.


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