London Business Forum relocates regional headquarter to Dubai


The London Business Forum announced the relocation of its newly set up Cairo regional headquarters into Dubai as the first main hub outside London. The company revealed plans to organise more than 25 world class forums in Dubai targeted at business professionals across large enterprises and SMEs from May to December, 2011.

The Cairo office, which was set in October 2010, will continue its operations, but Dubai will serve as the regional headquarters for the MENA region, announced the leading UK-based company renowned for organising business events tailored to help business people gain insights into emerging topics in the corporate arena.

Hany Mwafy, CEO, London Business Forum, MENA region, said, “We are putting investments in markets across the MENA region via Dubai because we believe that the region will see a higher demand for our bouquet of services. London Business Forum offers insightful events covering a range of business topics presented by internationally renowned speakers. London Business Forum events are packed with innovative ideas that could be implemented in any organisation.”

The London Business Forum has held hundreds of events since it was founded in 2002, featuring some of the world’s leading business experts and gurus. Former presenters include Sir Richard Branson, Sir Alan Sugar and Jack Welch.

Mwafy added, “We are bringing global thought leaders to the Middle East via Dubai, a city that serves as an ideal platform in the MENA region. Our strength lies in delivering contemporary learning for 21st century professionals. Our forums are cost effective because we have a commitment to making such programs affordable by not getting obsessed with five-star venues. We realise that the high costs of such venues will be finally passed on to our participants.”

The series of forums organised by the company will bring together experts and insiders from around the world to talk about topics ranging from futurology and corporate change, to innovation, customer relationships, corporate culture and leadership, amongst other topics facing the MENA business professionals.

Mwafy added, “Through its Middle East Chapter, the London Business Forum will provide business professionals with a new approach necessary to understand the future, make a difference and succeed in the 21st century.”

The major objective of London Business Forum is to empower individuals and organizations in the Middle East by creating an environment that makes it possible to understand business realities, according to Mwafy.

After phenomenal success in the UK since its launch in 2002, London Business Forum has created a game-changing experience for business professionals. This bold and engaging experience is now going to be featured for the first time outside the UK.

Mwafy added, “Everyone could do their job better if they thought about it. The trouble is no one ever teaches professionals how to think. We help business professionals use basic intelligence, initiative and imagination to tackle core business issues by demonstrating a range of practical techniques aimed at solving real business problems.”


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