Mistakes that could get you fired


No one wants to get fired from their job unless he already has something better in mind. Most people assume that as long as they remain cautious while on the clock, losing their job is outside of the realm of possibilities. After all, if you are re not embezzling money or cursing your boss, it is safe to believe you will be around for a while. But is this right? Not necessarily…

There are a few seemingly lesser mistakes that might land you out on the search for job again. Bellow you can read what we recommend to avoid:

Overusing the Phone

Generally, it is okay to take a few personal calls during the workday, as long as you follow proper office phone etiquette. But when your personal life starts to conflict with what you should be doing at work, you may be asked to take a hike.

Internet Browsing

We are all guilty of checking our personal email from time to time and even of taking pause to read blogs and classifieds listings. However, spending excessive time surfing around on websites, that are irrelevant to your job will likely get you into trouble. Try to save Facebook or online shopping for after work, and never visit adult sites during working hours.

Lying During the Hiring Process

This goes back to when you were originally brought on, even if you’re now a stellar employee and a perfect fit for the job overall, if a company finds out you lied in order to get the job, they may still terminate your employment.


Gossip can hurt company morale, and you never want to get caught up in spreading rumors. Stay away from idle chatter that could potentially endanger your paycheck.

Searching for Another Job

Never get caught searching for another job while you are on your current one. Being terminated may seem less drastic, if you plan on leaving anyway, but imagine how much more difficult it will be to have to address this new issue during interviews.

Dating a Coworker

Companies have different policies regarding dating coworkers, so make sure you know what your company rules are. You don’t want to get involved in a fling that will cost you your date money.

These are just a few pitfalls that may cost you your employment, so whether you believe it’s justified or not, steer clear of these transgressions during your workday. A general rule to abide by is that if you have to think twice about something before doing it, make sure to proceed with caution!


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