Burj Al Arab Hotel to host Woibex – Global Women Leaders Meet


Women leaders around the world will meet at Burj Al Arab Hotel on 7th – 8th March 2011, for two days to discuss and interact on diverse issues concerning business women. The 14th Global Women Leaders meet, named as WOIBEX, brings together women of outstanding talent from around the globe to share their experience on leadership, economic empowerment and sustainable development.

The event, organized by Datamatix, will provide valuable business and leadership advice and empowerment for change, says, Ali Al Kamali, Managing Director, Datamatix.

The summit which is expected to bring together global women leaders provides a platform for international women leaders, business women, academics and professionals to share their critical insights on matters affecting global business and economy. The women leaders will set trends, formulate strategies, exercise influence on each other to make a big leap in women’s development in the business arena. Another highlight of the summit will be to uplift the reputation of business women by equipping them with the essential tools to foster and shape a successful corporate career.

The organizer of the event, Datamatix, allows the public an opportunity to offer recommendation of the delegates who would like to attend the summit through www.woibex.com the exclusive website for the event. The public can nominate those women leaders whom they think have provided significant contributions to the development of a global society.

The WOIBEX summit, held every year on March 7th and 8th to commemorate with the International Women’s Day, is organized by Datamatix, to address issues pertinent to women’s status in the society.


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