Smoking Shisha is not allowed in Ramadan tents


Smoking cigarettes and shisha will be banned inside small private tents during the holly month of Ramadan, while hotels setting up larger and more luxurious tents must seek special permission for serving shisha. Cooking will not be permitted in any kind of tent, according The National. The safety regulations were introduced last year following a fire in a wedding tent in Kuwait that killed 57 women and children.

Dubai Municipality will deploy officers to inspect tents during Ramadan to ensure there are no violations of the Shisha ban. Offenders face fines ranging from Dh1,000 for minor offences, such as smoking in a tent, to Dh50,000 for major violations, which include setting up a tent without proper permits and allowing unlicensed activities.

The regulations also require that sufficient fire extinguishers be provided in the tents, and that emergency exits be clearly marked. Lighting inside tents should be clear and air-conditioning units must be placed at a distance from the tent, while food has to be stored inside as per hygiene standards. Food heating devices are not be permitted inside the tent area.


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