Improve Your Job Prospects by Learning a Foreign Language


Learn a New Language and Get a Better Job – TELL ME MORE Software Can Help

As the job market continues to grow more and more competitive, studies show that foreign language fluency is a great way to distinguish you from your competition.

The Modern Language Association surveyed American businesses and found that many companies give preference to candidates with foreign language skills when hiring new management personnel, provided that other business experience and abilities are equal.

And if you want to work within the government, around 80 federal agencies rely on professionals with intermediate- to high-level competence in foreign languages.

There’s no question that learning a new language can only help you get ahead in business, and there’s no better way to do that than with TELL ME MORE Language Software.

TELL ME MORE is advanced language learning software that boasts speech recognition technology that allows you to engage in real-life dialogues and conversations and the patented S.E.T.S. (Spoken Error Tracking System) technology, which provides learners with immediate feedback and the opportunity to improve pronunciation.

Developed by a team of language experts, TELL ME MORE leverages the Communicative Approach, a methodology used in schools and universities around the world. TELL ME MORE implements this methodology using the exclusive P.R.I.M.E. Approach (Progressive, Real-world, Interactive, Motivating, Effective). The program centers on developing the specific skills needed to succeed in a language including: vocabulary and grammar, listening comprehension, reading and writing, oral expression and cultural understanding.

The language software gives you as broad an overview as possible, helping you not only understand the basics of the language, but also achieve significant fluency. TELL ME MORE offers up to 6 times as many hours and 4 times as many learning activities as its leading competitor, offering you the best tool to significantly increase your job marketability.

TELL ME MORE has programs to learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, English, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Dutch. Make yourself more marketable when you learn a new language. TELL ME MORE has been recognized as the most complete language-learning software on the market. Get started learning a new language today.


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