ORDNING&REDA and ECO BoraÌŠstapeter to celebrate the National Day of Sweden


•    Proud Swedish brands ORDNING&REDA and ECO Boråstapeter celebrate their national heritage on June 6th 2010 for the National Day of Sweden;
•    The National Day of Sweden is a national holiday which was made into a national day by the Swedish parliament in 1983;
•    Celebrate National Day of Sweden in true Scandinavian style: simply stylishly – and with a 12% discount on all ORDNING&REDA products.

Apart from typically decorating public transport with blue and yellow flags, Swedes encourage each other to celebrate together – regardless of culture or religion — bringing the nation together – both in Sweden and abroad.

This year, ORDNING&REDA are offering a 12% discount on all products in both their DIFC and Ibn Battuta Mall stores on June 6th to celebrate.

Other ways to celebrate the National Day of Sweden
1. Enjoy a picnic with friends or family, making sure you try some traditional foods including herring, potatoes and strawberries.
2. Keep your day as clean and simple as possible in classic Scandinavian style. Keep your outfit neutral – and stay calm!
3. Keep a look out for the Swedish flag  – as all Swedish people will be carrying theirs with pride on June 6th.
4. Bring a little bit of Sweden into your home – how about a desk organizer for dad or pencil case from ORDNING&REDA or a feature wall from ECO Boråstapeter?


ORDNING&REDA is a Swedish company that designs produces and distributes a wide range of high quality paper and storage products. ORDNING&REDA has established business across much of the world, with 38 independent shops in 13 countries. Over 800 articles in classic Scandinavian design can be found in the inspiring shops. Since ORDNING&REDA opened its first shop in Stockholm in 1982, the brand has grown and developed a well-established reputation.


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