Restoration of Facial Contours Using the Latest Minimally Invasive Techniques


Facial beauty is very much a matter of symmetry and mathematical proportions. Since the time of Queen Nefertiti the ideal facial shape has been recognized as being oval with high prominent cheekbones and a proportionally narrower jaw line.  With time the face begins to transform from an oval to a more triangular shape. Cheeks begin to lose volume which results in the appearance of smile lines and the jaw line becomes heavy due to excess fat deposition. These changes begin as of the early thirties.

Aesthetica Clinic specializes in the use of minimally invasive techniques for the total restoration of Facial Shape.  Aesthetica Clinic’s Facial Contouring strategies are not limited to rejuvenation of an older face but are very effectively applied to the enhancement of Beauty in a young face. It is possible to define cheek bones, refine jaw lines, augment chins and even reshape the nose.

One or several methods may be incorporated into the treatment program for optimal results.


Radiesse (Calcium Hydroxylapetite) is the filler of choice at Aesthetica Clinic for volume restoration. It is a natural substance; Radiesse is FDA approved and has the best safety profile among the fillers on the market.  Unlike the normal bulking agents that are frequently used, Radiesse not only gives immediate results but also long-term collagen stimulating effects. Namely, within a few months of injection, it allows the body to do its own filling! Radiesse is used to enhance cheek contours, augment chins, reshape noses, and fill in any other hollow areas of the face. Radiesse also very effectively restores the volume of the hands.


Volume reduction or Lipolysis involves reduction of excess fat deposits anywhere on the face, jowls, or neck area. Lipolysis is an integral part of facial contouring as it helps to restore facial shape and symmetry by refining the lower face and jaw line. At Aesthetica Clinic we employ a combined approach to volume reduction by customizing treatment plans according to individual needs.


Full and voluptuous lips suggest youth, sensuality, and attractiveness. Unfortunately not everyone is blessed with naturally beautiful lips. Furthermore, lips thin out with time due to the loss of collagen resulting from sun exposure, smoking, and natural aging processes. The corners of the mouth begin to droop and vertical ‘perioral’ begin start to appear.

Lip augmentation is most commonly performed via hyaluronic acid. It is an ideal option for anyone wanting to temporarily achieve fuller lips, correct asymmetry, or fill out perioral lines.

Hyaluronic acid is both FDA and CE approved for lip augmentation. The volumising effects achieved Hyaluronic acid last anywhere between 3 to 6 months. Side effects are limited to mild swelling and possible bruising however subsides within days.

Aesthetica Clinic is a leading Dubai-based clinic specializing in minimally invasive treatments. Dr. Maria Khattar, “When we look good, we feel great. We realize that even the tiniest flaw in our appearance can cause distress. This is why no issue is too small for us. Beauty is all about symmetry. We offer the latest in minimally invasive techniques for restoration of facial contours and for ultimate beautification.”


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