Peel away the effects of ageing and enjoy brighter, glowing skin with Inno Peels


The revolutionary Dubai-based Aesthetica Clinic has introduced a new range of skin peels that fight the signs of aging and whiten the skin. The Inno Peel range consists of products that are used professionally to produce a controlled chemical dermabrasion at the epidermal level, which ignites total regeneration of the skin’s upper layer. Basically, these are skin peels which produce fabulous looking skin. Through this cellular turn-over, damage caused by chronological aging and photoaging, strechmarks and scars can be decreased.

The unique and highly effective procedure of controlled chemical dermabrasion is a dermatological treatment that entails a surface application of a chemical, physical or biological compound capable of provoking a limited and controlled descamation followed by complementing dermal and epidermal renewal. This process results in a dermal layer which is both thicker and richer in fibroblasts whose fibres will be greater in number and have improved orientation. Thus, creating a better overall appearance of the skin. The exciting new range of peels concentrates on anti-ageing and on skin whitening. The Inno Peel anti-ageing peel decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that have been caused by numerous factors aside from the normal biological ageing process, such as tobacco smoke, sun exposure, toxic substances, environmental and nutritional factors which can all lead to premature ageing. Since, this is definitely something that none of us want to encounter, the application of Inno Peel technology can help to prevent or diminish it by significantly increasing the production of collagen and  thickening the skin. Additionally, unwanted discoloration, scarring, stretch marks and acne related indications can also be treated with Inno Peel.

The Inno Peel for whitening is focused on treating problems with skin pigmentation which is a great source of aesthetic discomfort for many people.

This is achieved by using a skin-resurfacing mask composed of active ingredients derived from vitamin A, depigmentation agents and antioxidants. This too stimulates collagen generation.  There is a third Inno Peel used for skin recovery which can be conducted for other skin conditions that range from acne to stretch marks.

Dr. Maria Khattar, Managing Director of Aesthetica Clinic noted, “It is so refreshing to be able to offer clients such a wide range of skincare products and treatments. In turn, our latest addition, the Inno Peel line, delivers excellent results and a fresh and vibrant look. Clients will be so pleased to give their skin that boost it needs after being damaged. The procedure consists of a series of simple steps and the post-procedure upkeep and maintenance is also easy and convenient for the patient. The results with Inno Peel are optimal and extremely visually appealing, while giving patience a renewed look and a more vibrant appearance.”

Aesthetica Clinic is a results driven facility operated by highly trained skincare experts. The clinic features an extensive range of non-invasive treatment options for facial and body contouring, skin rejuvenation and anti-ageing solutions.


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