Balloon Capsule Is The New Revolutionary Non-surgical Procedure To Fight Obesity


Among many existing treatments and procedures for obesity, Balloon Treatments are the newfound, non-surgical, convenient method for losing weight and helping to decrease the associated medical conditions, according to Dr.Tarek Saleh.

With the number of obesity cases increasing at an alarming rate, specialists strive to find treatments and solutions to what represents one of the most prominent health problems today.

Talking about the Balloon Capsule, Dr. Saleh said: “The Balloon treatment is a non-surgical aid for obesity patients that helps them lose the weight without the need for surgery.”

While explaining the procedure, he further added: “The balloon capsule is the first in the world that does not need an endoscopy* or anesthesia. The capsule is swallowed like a pill, and after four months in the stomach, it is eliminated from the body like any other food that we ingest.”

The process is carried out during a medical consultation, where two x-raysare done; one before the filling of the balloon to make sure that the capsule has entered the stomach correctly, and the second, once filling have finished. It will remain there for 16 weeks, creating a feeling of fullness throughout that period and leading to average weight loss of 10-15kg1-10.

At Approximately 16 weeks the balloon’s valve opens, and the balloon deflates. It is passed through the body naturally without the need for endoscopy* or a trip to the hospital to extract it.

It is recommended for those who have struggled following a diet by themselves and for obese patients who are reluctant to undergo an invasive procedure or are nervous about the anaesthesia.

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