Emaar Industries & Investments celebrates opening of new state-of-the-art plant by Dynergy Technologies



  • New manufacturing facility in TechnoPark to drive expansion of Dynergy Technologies, a subsidiary of Emaar Industries & Investments
  • New Plant brings in seven-fold expansion in production capacity
  • 22,000 sq m LV and MV electrical switchboard manufacturing facility to create 300 jobs
  • Emaar Industries & Investments provides support in business development, marketing, banking relations and corporate governance

Emaar Industries & Investments Ltd (EII), a member of Emaar Properties PJSC, celebrated the opening of a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant for low voltage and medium voltage switchboards of its subsidiary Dynergy Technologies in TechnoPark, Dubai.

The first phase of the new facility, sprawling over 22,000 sq m, will create 300 jobs and has a capacity to produce 30,000 switchboard panels per year. Work on the second phase is being planned with a new extension for medium voltage panels and a new product line.

Dynergy Technologies is specialised in the assembly and supply of Low Voltage (LV) and Medium Voltage (MV) electrical switchboards and focuses on facilitating energy solutions for local communities, hotels and construction projects.

Emaar Industries & Investments, as a facilitator of the industrial and manufacturing sector, supports Dynergy in business development, marketing, establishing banking relations and implementing strong corporate governance measures. EII also secured a partnership with ABB Industries for Dynergy products thus bringing in advanced power and automation technology to the company.

Mr. Mohammed Saeed Al Raqbani CEO of EII said: “The industrial and manufacturing sector is fast evolving as a key growth driver of Dubai’s economy, with small and medium enterprises accounting for up to 98.5 per cent of Dubai’s business sector and accounting for 61 per cent of the total workforce. Emaar Industries & Investments complements the diversification efforts of Dubai Government by providing tangible and strategic support to industries in achieving their larger growth goals. The region presents an attractive opportunity for private investments in the manufacturing sector due to the planned growth to its economies, institutional reforms and market liberalization, which all create opportunities for large-scale transactions.”

He explained: “The expansion of Dynergy Technologies to a new manufacturing facility in TechnoPark will further empower the company to enhance its production capacity, and also seek new geographic markets for the company’s product range. EII’s continued support will further empower Dynergy to drive growth, create new job opportunities and expand its product range.

Providing turnkey solutions in LV and MV switchgear, Dynergy was previously operating out of small rented premises with a production capacity of only 4,000 panels per year. TechnoPark was selected as an ideal base for its own premises following an in-depth survey on various zone options in the Emirate.

Mr. Mahnad Kashani, member of Board of Directors at Dynergy Technologies, said: “Our expansion to the new, state-of-the-art premises in TechnoPark follows extensive market research. The market for LV panels alone is estimated at AED 1.5 billion and Dynergy aims at tapping this growing market. We target a turnover of AED 200 million by 2012, and the new premises, developed with the support of EII, will help us achieve our goal. With a seven-fold increase in production capacity, the plant will help us meet our customer requirements by providing high quality, reliable and cost-effective products.”

He added: “The capacity expansion and economies of scale that the new plant brings in will create a competitive advantage for Dynergy. The new plant will also assist us in further emphasising on research and development supported by adequate technical expertise.”

With all products type-tested as per the specifications of an independent quality certification authority in the UK as well as IEC, Dynergy expects the new facility to drive its expansion into new markets in the GCC region. The company adheres to clean, reliable and safe manufacturing practices as part of its commitment to sustainable development.

The new plant also has several energy-efficient practices with production taking place under a sun-lit semi-glassed roof and using pneumatic tools system to save electricity consumption. Dynergy is a member of the Emirates Green Building Council and currently runs a third-party assessment for greenhouse gas emission, as the first step to becoming a carbon neutral entity.

Dynergy offers the complete power distribution solutions for 400V and will be providing up to 22kV three-phase power. The product range includes LV main distribution boards; MV distribution boards, sub-main distribution boards, final distribution boards, capacitor banks and motor control centres, among others. “

Emaar Industries & Investments has an extensive portfolio of companies and joint ventures and serves as one of the primary facilitators in driving sustainable industrial growth and development. The company has forged several key partnerships, all of which have gained significant growth. EII is following a strategic business model focused on sustaining and growing capacity, and diversifying the geographical reach of the companies operating currently under its umbrella.

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