Strong community response to CDA’s ‘My Hand is Clean’ campaign


School in Hatta 1 The Community Development Authority (CDA) in Dubai has generated strong community response to its ‘My Hand is Clean’ awareness campaign held in Hatta to highlight the H1N1 virus and flu epidemic. The campaign was aimed at strengthening the culture of volunteerism among the various segments of society and spreading awareness on the dangers of the infectious flu that is a cause of serious concern today.

The campaign included awareness visits to schools in Hatta to distribute antibacterial wipes and sterilising materials that were collected from Khadija Bint Khuwaylid School and Hatta Emirates Cooperative. The volunteers educated the students about swine flu and the procedures to be followed to prevent and reduce the possibility of its spreading.

School in Hatta 2“My Hand is Clean” campaign was conducted by 50 volunteers under the supervision of CDA. The volunteers hosted awareness sessions to 1500 students and government employees in Hatta at the Hatta Municipality, Hatta Naturalization and Residency Department, Hatta Police Station and Hatta boarder.

Ahmed Al Muhairi, CEO of the Community Centres, said: “This campaign highlights CDA’s commitment to strengthen the culture of volunteerism among the community. It also marks our focus on enhancing awareness on issues that affect the community. CDA wanted to enhance public awareness on swine flu and the procedures to be followed to prevent and reduce the possibility of its spreading.”

Other participating organizations hailed the success of the campaign and praised CDA’s efforts in adopting voluntary activities aimed at serving the community. They urged for more campaigns and activities that serve schools in particular and Hatta in general.


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