Community Development Authority launches various activities to mark International Day for the Elderly


The Community Development Authority (CDA) in Dubai has announced the roll-out of a special campaign entitled “My parents…My Blessing”. Organised to mark the International Day for the Elderly, the campaign, to be held until October 8, 2009, is part of CDA’s vital role and responsibilities towards all segments of the society.

Sheikh Maktoum Bin Butti Al Maktoum Her Excellency Dr Maryam Matar, Director General, CDA, said: “The campaign highlights our efforts to mark the International Day for the Elderly, which is held on 1 October yearly. CDA pays special attention in its strategic programs on issues related to older persons, and a special department has been established to care for old persons. The department develops and implements plans that will enhance elder people’s integration into society more effectively.”

“Taking care of the elderly comes in compliance with the teachings of Islam and also builds on the vision of our wise leadership to preserve UAE traditions and care for all sections of the society,” she added.

CDA has announced various activities in celebration of the International Day for the Elderly during a forum held recently, where a number of important issues related to the elderly were discussed. These include how satisfied they are with the services provided to them, the challenges they face and ways to overcome them, ways to strengthen their role through more involvement in Dubai’s social development, and the need to formulate policies and laws that protect the rights of the elderly.

Sheikh Maktoum Butti Al Maktoum, CEO – Social Care, said: “The campaign reiterates CDA’s efforts to bridge the gaps between generations, and to strengthen social integration among different segments in the UAE society. CDA’s recognises that it is extremely important to uphold the achievements of the elderly and follow their example.”

The Community Development Authority plays an important role in social protection and community development through the establishment and management of integrated social services that enable members of the Dubai community and residents to contribute positively in all sectors of development.

Community Development Authority (CDA):

The CDA is a government entity mandated with enhancing the social development in Dubai to achieve the Dubai strategic plan 2015 which was announced by His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum on February 2007.

The CDA will work towards promoting and raising the social standards in Dubai, and increasing the role of citizens in the community by cooperating with concerned entities in order to achieve the goals of the development sector and to develop the basic structure necessary for this.

The CDA will work on setting up the necessary policies and standards pertaining to social services providers based on its five strategic goals including promotion of national identity, social protection, social inclusion, social empowerment, and social cohesion in Dubai.


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