Region’s TV ad rates hold steady


In one its latest reports, the Arab Advisors Group has shown that despite the drop in Arab satellite TV ad rates between 2004-05, the average rates “appear to have been steady” between 2005-07, and in 2008.
The average ad rate for a FTA satellite TV channel in the region is $3,698 for a 30-TVC during peak time, according to report Satellite TV Advertising Rates in the Arab World 2007.

The Group believes, however, that despite the increasing number of FTA channels in the region, only a few popular channels are emerging as clear winners, retaining a large share of the viewer base and – as such -have a stronger bargaining power with advertisers.

The report, Satellite TV Advertising Rates in the Arab World 2007, also believe that the FTA satellite TV ad rates are low in the region ‘due to the lack of an agreed-upon rating system that diminishes the bargaining power of television stations.’

The analysis of ad rates across 14 FTA satellite TV channels reveals that average their rates are at their highest ($3,698) from 9-10 PM, followed closely by 10-11 PM (Saudi Arabia time).

These rates are considered to be much higher than both theii terrestrial and pay TV counter­parts. The average peak ad rate represents the mean for a 30-second TV commercial spot on a weekday: Tuesday.

The analysis also revealed that news channels have the highest average ad rates in the region, while music channels have the lowest.


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