Expansion at Greenfield Community School will help reduce students Carbon Footprint


Greenfield Community School, a Taaleem school, forges ahead with phase two of the school’s environmentally friendly building development.

The design of the new building will allow natural light to flow into the classrooms and communal areas, thereby creating a more natural learning environment and reducing the need to use lights. This design will aid in helping the school reduce their energy consumption and the carbon footprint of its students.

Ziad Azzam, CEO Taaleem said, “We are thrilled at the immense development of phase two for the Greenfield Community School.  We were very specific about the design of this project from the start and wanted to ensure that it was environmentally friendly.  After all, we teach our students about the environment and how to protect it- we have to practise what we preach”.
As students at Greenfield Community School become more aware of their environment, and actively get involved in reducing their carbon footprint, the Grade 6-10 students look on in amazement as their new building comes to life and actively participated in the Ground Breaking Ceremony and placing of the Time Capsule.
Students will also have the opportunity to learn about plants in a green house, and tend to a rooftop garden, thereby becoming more aware of global warming and how plants can help reduce our carbon footprint.   Parents at GCS were excited to be given the opportunity to view the progress of phase 2, where they were given be taken on a guided tour around the new facilities.


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