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The Pandemic Still Tops Healthcare Priorities Worldwide

The Corona Pandemic Has Taken Center Stage And Tops The List Of Healthcare Priorities Worldwide

The 26th edition of Dubai International Pharmaceuticals and Technologies Conference and Exhibition – DUPHAT successfully concluded today at the Dubai World Trade Center. The 3-day premier pharma event featured a number of key scientific sessions, workshops and highly specialized sessions which focused on presenting the most up-to-date knowledge and advances in the industry.

The scientific committee had released a number of recommendations highlighting Artificial Intelligence in pharmacy, Health Technology Assessment and other issues and latest practices to name a few. The recommendations were released as follows:

  1. Artificial Intelligence is gaining momentum and it is essential for Healthcare and in particular Pharmacy Practice to adopt AI encountering the challenges of machine learning versus cognitive biases apart from taking advantage of the opportunities.
  2. Health Technology Assessment is vital and decision making with regard to HTA needs to be undertaken with precision as well as economic benefits.
  3. Pharmacy Governance forms the core of all activities and policies critical to its implementation as well as diligence will take pharmacy practice forward.
  4. Covid19 has taken center stage and has affected health economics in the most dramatic manner. Therefore in this regard pharmacy professionals need to implement careful and tangible health economics.
  5. Vaccine technology has had dramatic developments. A good understanding of new technology is important for pharmacists in particular the new RNA Based medicines.
  6. Accreditation of pharmacy services is the way forward to establish standards and benchmark against the best and therefore it is imperative that Pharmacy managers and administrators accredit their facilities.
  7. Covid19 pandemic is the most important, however other issues should not be neglected in particular pharmacists role in fighting the opioid epidemic.
  8. Pharmacoepidemiology can contribute a lot to Pharmacy practice. Therefore it is time that pharmacists utilize such tools to enhance their services and bring about quality care in the practice space.
  9. Pharmacy professionals are important in the defense against Covid19. They have been contributing towards the fight against the pandemic in many roles from frontline workers to the creators of vaccines and medicines. In such a scenario there is even greater responsibility for the pharmacists of today to lead from the front and advance the profession of pharmacy.
  10. The future of pharmacy rests on furthering drug discovery and innovation and in this landscape intellectual property is powering innovation in particular for introducing Covid19 treatments and vaccines.

In addition, visitors, exhibitors, attendees and participants praised the distinctive organization of the event, as well as the high level of commitment they witnessed to safety, prevention and public health measures, and the precautionary and preventive laws imposed by the authorities.

From their side, INDEX Conferences and Exhibitions- a member of INDEX Holding, the organizers of DUPHAT, confirmed the instrumental role conferences and exhibitions play in continuous education, in addition to the local economy as well. In addition, the organizing company will launch several major physical events after the Holy Month of Ramadan, such as Dubai World Dermatology and laser Conference and Exhibition – Dubai Derma and the UAE International Dental Conference and Arab Dental Exhibition – AEEDC Dubai, and many others.

Furthermore, DUPHAT 2021 was accessible virtually for those who have registered. Nonetheless, the DUPHAT 2021 exhibition witnessed an outstanding participation of pharmacists and specialists and attracted a large number of decision-makers field.



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