Person with COVID-19 should Inform Health Authorities: Public Prosecution


The Federal public Prosecution has clarified that a person who is infected with the COVID-19 should inform the health authorities.

In a tweet posted on its accounts on social media platforms, the Public Prosecution said it is mandatory for a person infected with COVID-19 to visit the Ministry of Health and Prevention or other health authorities to receive medical treatment so as to enable the authorities to stem the spread of the infection.

The Public Prosecution referred to Articles 32 and 33 of the Federal Law No. 14 of 2014 concerning the Prevention of Communicable Diseases, which read, “Upon knowing that he/she is infected with one of the diseases mentioned in Table 1 of this law, the infected person and his/her close contacts should go to the ministry or health authorities to receive medical treatment, advice and awareness of the risks of infection and the ways of transmitting the infection. The infected person must also adhere to the preventive measures, implement prescriptions and adhere to instructions given to him/her, to prevent the transmission of infection to others.”

According to Article 38 of the same law, whoever violates any provisions of these articles shall be subject to imprisonment and/or a fine of not less than AED10,000 and not more than AED50,000.

The Public Prosecution said that it is publishing these legal tweets as part of its keenness to promote the legal culture and awareness among members of the community and help to stem the spread of the virus.


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