A Perfect Private Clinic Should Offer Easy Free Parking


A private clinic of any type will be very successful if it is strategically located to offer easy access to its patients and visiting practitioners. The availability of multiple free parking spaces means that people are able to visit without taking extra time for finding place to park their vehicles.

With healthcare one of the most successful industries of 2020, there is a healthy demand for retail space suitable for private clinics in Dubai.

“The most frequent inquiries are about dermatological and dental clinics, because the cosmetic treatments they offer have become very popular in recent years,” says Gergana Mineva, private office advisor at Engel & Volkers. “Such private clinics are usually not very large as they offer same day treatments and surgery procedures, and there is no need for patients to stay over night in dedicated rooms monitored by professional nurses.”

From business perspective, location is the most important factor for choosing the space for a new services oriented business. Especially for healthcare businesses, the location should match a list of requirements related to population density, average monthly income and lifestyle needs.

“In retail, the profile of the targeted consumer dictates the choice of the location,” Gergana explains. “When it comes to clinics, the inquiries are very particular. Doctors know what they need and don’t like to take much time evaluating many options! For example, a dermatological clinic should be located in a premium neighborhood where residents have significant disposable income and are fashion conscious. Also, most private clinics operators require elevator to the parking, so after treatment patients will not hesitate to be seen with bruised faces when leaving.”

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