Technology Gift Ideas For the Holiday Season


The festive season is packed with joyous celebrations, a time for families and friends to get together, and treat their loved ones to special seasonal gifts. Samsung is showcasing its advanced products across various divisions, which will help you buy great gifts and share wonderful new memories with those closest to you.

Unfold the Future

With the Galaxy Fold, featuring both a compact cover display and a large display of 7.3 inches unfolded, users can get things done one-handed while on the go and enjoy the immersive experience and ultimate productivity when unfolded. The device is designed to offer a powerful new way to multitask, watch videos, play games, and more – bringing to life new experiences and possibilities years in the making.

The smartphone combines users’ favorite smartphone and tablet features to deliver a new kind of mobile device and a first-of-its-kind user experience—from a new form factor and materials to its unique foldable UX, versatile camera and premium performance.

A Device to Unleash Creativity

The Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ are the most powerful Notes yet, packed with meaningful improvements in design, performance and more that make it easier for users to bring their ideas to life, and make the most of every moment. Galaxy Note10 allows users to utilize state-of-the-art tools to capture stunning video and photos—allowing their channels, stories and posts to stand out and make an impact. A new-and-improved version of the S Pen is also packed into the Galaxy Note10, building on the Bluetooth Low Energy-enabled S Pen capabilities with Air Actions, allowing users to control certain aspects of the device using gestures with the S Pen without touching the device.

With an almost bezel-less edge-to-edge display –   and a small, centred cut-out for the front camera, intuitive UI, and gorgeous colour choices, Galaxy Note10’s attention to detail leads to a more beautiful device and more immersive experience. In addition to that, a powerful battery, advanced hardware, and gaming-optimized features come together to help users perform at their best.

The Merry Sounds of Festivities

Galaxy Buds work right out of the box, connecting with your Galaxy devices in an instant via Bluetooth to get you up to the beat and well on your way. Galaxy Buds deliver incredibly rich, high-resolution live sound with next-generation adaptive dual microphone technology, which makes background
noise a thing of the past.It features a newly refined design that makes them so compact they fit in comfortably with the rest of your belongings.

Galaxy Buds recognize your surroundings, switching between inner and outer mics to keep unnecessary noise out of your conversation as well as letting you pair and switch seamlessly between your Galaxy devices so you don’t miss out on any of the action. They also come in standard color options that would appeal to the recipient’s lifestyle.

Smarter, Sportier, Snazzier

The Galaxy Watch Active allows fashion-forward users to pursue healthy, active lifestyles with ease and style, and thanks to the latest round of software updates, app services and UI that have recently come to the Galaxy Watch Active, users can now get even more out of their device as well as their own daily routines.

Thanks to the improved Bixby functionality and sleeker, more intuitive UI, the updated Galaxy Watch Active is fully customizable and offers effortless usability, meaning that users can pursue their wellness and lifestyle goals with ease.



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