Why Samsung’s Galaxy S9 is The Perfect Travel Companion


For frequent travelers, the camera on the all-new Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ makes capturing your experience easier than ever – and its latest Smart features make international travel a breeze

While traveling, whether you’re visiting a new place or returning to a home-away-from-home, your smartphone is indispensable. It keeps you organized, helps you navigate, acts as your own personal resource for answers and information, and enables you to capture and share your experiences from anywhere in the world. It’s the do-it-all device you depend on to make the most of your excursions – and today, with people traveling more frequently than ever, finding the perfect travel companion in your smartphone is crucial.

Luckily, Samsung’s all-new Galaxy S9 is the adventure-friendly smartphone that meets all your travel needs and more. The advanced camera on the Galaxy S9 is equipped with a range of features to help you document your trip and navigate a new place, making traveling simple and seamless. With the Galaxy S9, Samsung takes the stress out of traveling, helping you enjoy the experience as it unfolds and savor the memories for years to come.

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Capture Every Moment

Mobile photography is arguably one of the best things to happen to 21st-century travel. Our smartphones allow us to snap photos and record videos of experiences we’ll never want to forget, and helps us tell stories we simply cannot put into words. The Galaxy S9 takes this vital smartphone capability to a whole new level, boasting Samsung’s best-yet smartphone camera with features that make all the difference in capturing and sharing your favorite moments.

The camera on the Galaxy S9 features an improved circular Dual Aperture that outsmarts the human eye, automatically adjusting to lighting conditions by expanding and contracting just as the iris would. And with the new F1.5 aperture lens which is the brightest available, your photos will always tell a clear story – even in dim or low light. Further, the Galaxy S9’s new Super Slow-mo feature captures what your eyes can’t with video that is four times slower than traditional slow-motion videos on smartphones, and Automation Motion Detection, which can distinguish the fleeting moment you want to capture and automatically record it.

Additionally, the Galaxy S9 comes with smart camera features based on machine learning. These include Selfie Focus, which helps you get the best selfie possible; Auto Lens Dirty Detect Solution, which ensures your photos aren’t compromised by dirt or dust on the lens screen; Image Classification Solution, which automatically adds a professional touch to your photos; and Intelligent the auto mode, which absorbs information about your surroundings to produce the best photo quality possible.

Feel at Home While Abroad

The camera capabilities on the Galaxy S9 expand far beyond shooting breathtaking photos and detailed videos. With Bixby on the Galaxy S9, the camera uses Augmented Reality (AR) technology to provide helpful information about the world around you, using real-time object detection and recognition to analyze what your camera is pointing at and instantly generate information directly on top of the image.

While traveling, you can use Bixby’s Live Translation feature in Text mode to instantly translate foreign languages and currency in real time. What used to be a multi-step process is now quicker and easier than ever, so translating street signs, restaurant menus, and pricing information is instantaneous. With the ability to detect 54 different input languages and translate them into 104 output languages, the Galaxy S9 helps you overcome language barriers one image at a time.

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 reimagines smartphone camera technology with a variety of advanced features that improve your travel experience from every angle. With the Galaxy S9, you can enjoy every trip and make the memories you’ll cherish forever.


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