How to Incorporate Online Therapy into Your Weekly Routine


One of the strengths of online therapy is the fact that it’s flexible with your life. With regular therapy, you have to go to a session during a specific time, and while that may work for some, others may have hectic lives, and cannot make it to all their sessions. This makes the therapy less effective, and thus you think that therapy isn’t for you, when in reality, you just weren’t able to commit.

However, with online therapy, it’s much more versatile. Online therapists are available around the clock, so even if you have the worst sleep schedule possible, they’ll be there. With text chat options available, you can talk to your therapist in a place where talking is not allowed or frowned upon. With Skype communication, you can speak to your counselor while outside, or in the comfort in your own home.

There are many ways you can incorporate therapy into your routine, including…

During a Commute

Having a therapy session before you start work can help improve your performance and allow you to go to work with less stress on your mind. Depending on how you commute, there can be different forms of online therapy that can work. If you take public transportation to work, you don’t want to be talking to your therapist on a noisy train or bus, so text conversations may work. If you drive, you shouldn’t text while you drive, so a hands free voice chat may be the best option.

During Work

Obviously, you shouldn’t be slacking on your job, but if you work at a job where you can talk to your therapist and work at the same time, then it may be worth a shot. It’s not only a good way to pass the time, but it may be able to improve your performance, especially if your work is stressing you out.

During a Walk

Taking a health walk can be good for you. Besides exercise, walking can help reduce your stress and clear your mind. You can enhance that experience by talking to a mental health professional. Why not take a walk in the woods and speak to a counselor, or incorporate therapy into your workout in general? There are many options.

While Eating

You can speak to your therapist during a lunch break, or during dinner or breakfast. Sometimes, you can have some great chats over a meal, so speaking to your therapist over some coffee, a sandwich, or even a full meal may be beneficial. Just don’t talk with your mouth full!

While Unwinding

Many people unwind after a long day in different ways. Some watch TV, or drink some alcohol. One way you can unwind is to talk to your therapist. Use them as your diary of sorts, and they will be able to learn more information about you in return.


When You’re Having a Moment

The best time to talk to a therapist is if you’re having an episode. For example, if you have depression, talk to them as soon as depression strikes. If you are having a fight with your spouse, talking to your online relationship counselor can help fix the problem. That’s what’s so great about online counseling. They are available when you need them the most.

If you ever believed you don’t have time for therapy, an online therapist may be the answer you’re looking for. You can incorporate a session into the busy schedule of your life, so why not try to do that? You may be surprised at how often you can talk to a therapist.


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