What to Do If You Have Hemorrhoids


Hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels around the anus. When the pressure on these vessels increases, they swell and turn into small lumps. These lumps vary in size and can be formed inside or outside the anus. Hemorrhoids can develop as a result of repeated pressure when defecating.

Dr. Dr. Diethart Bayer is a Fellow of the German Society of General Surgery. He has been a participant in the European Society for the treatment of problems of the anus and intestines and coordinator of the German Society for the treatment of varicose veins.

German Medical Center is a Dubai-based specialized healthcare facility with remarkable staff committed to providing top-notch medical services and ensuring a satisfactory experience for patients.

With an eye toward the emotional well-being of its valued patients, German Medical Center medical professionals create a warm, empathetic and comforting environment for women. Doctors also encourage patients to be informed about their healthcare needs and to participate in their own care.

Speaking about the stigma of hemorrhoids, Dr. Bayer said, “The patient expects little empathy. Some people find that hemorrhoids are embarrassing, because people often practice them. But hemorrhoids are very common, affecting pregnant women and the elderly mainly.”

It is found that one in every 20 women experience hemorrhoids during pregnancy, and one in every 15 persons above the age of 35 experience hemorrhoids at least once in their lifetime.

About Dr. Diethart Bayer, MD
General Surgeon
Berlin University – Germany


  • Proctology; treatment of anal problems
  • Hernias repair
  • Colonoscopy
  • Treatment of varicose veins
  • Hand surgery; impingement of nerves and tendons
  • Skin surgery; removal of skin lesions
  • Diabetic foot treatment
  • Laser treatment


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