Emirati Mariam Al Afridi One of The ‘Most Influential Global Marketing Leaders of the Year’


The World Marketing Congress honours Mariam Al Afridi for her exceptional strategic marketing as the only Arab to appear on the list

Mariam Al Afridi, Director of Government Communications at Dubai’s Department of Economic Development, has been recognised as one of the ‘Most Influential Global Marketing Leaders of the Year’ by the World Marketing Congress. Mariam was the only Arab to appear on the list, which is published annually and honours members of the marketing community who have delivered extraordinary work and demonstrated exceptional strategic prowess, as well as a commitment toward the advancement of the industry.

Mariam was selected for being a leading marketer and for applying new techniques, approaches and ways of thinking in the industry, following rigorous research conducted by 700 individuals on all of the candidates. Her in-depth knowledge of the marketing world was captured in her PhD thesis about Dubai’s ‘experience economy’, which describes the global brand that the city has built. The thesis also focused on the customer experience and service excellence, which starts at the airport as soon as someone lands and discovers the Dubai brand – the epicentre of the experience economy.

‘Experience economy’ was first described as the next economy following the agrarian economy, the industrial economy, and the most recent service economy. Although the concept of the experience economy was initially focused on business, it is now applied in tourism, architecture, nursing, urban planning and other fields. Customer experience management plays a vital role in supporting the experience economy.

Mariam Al Afridi commented: “It is an honour to appear on this list alongside some of the brightest minds in the marketing world and to have been recognised by the prestigious World Marketing Congress. Securing a sustainable future for our industry in an increasingly competitive and complex marketing environment is of utmost importance, and I am proud to be contributing to this mission. I am also proud to be representing the Arab world on the list and highlighting Dubai’s dynamic marketing industry.”

Mariam has 15 years of senior leadership experience across major industry sectors such as media, trade and economy, and tourism and hospitality. In her current role, she manages brand reputation, corporate identity, and international and local relations for Dubai’s economy. She is responsible for overseeing, devising and implementing the marketing and communications strategies for all the business units and agencies that fall under Dubai Economy.

Mariam was previously the Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications for Dubai Media Incorporated, the official media agency of the Government of Dubai. She is a board member of UAE Youth Hostels and the Leadership Qualifications Center – Youth & Sports Authority, and participates in programmes that include leadership development for youth, where she delivers lectures and presentations to motivate young adults and assists them with their career planning. She is also actively involved in multiple humanitarian activities and is dedicated to giving back to the community.

The ‘Most Influential Marketing Leaders’ listing is the result of an intensely researched process undertaken by a research cell which consists of postgraduates in history and management with a cumulative experience of 100+ years of research.


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