Google Play Let You Try Apps Before Installing Them


Google announced a bunch of updates big and small to the Google Play store. The most exciting of them all is the arrival of Instant Apps, which you can stream to your device and try out without having to install them first.

Instant Apps were first discussed at Google’s IO developer event back in May 2016. The tech giant began rolling out support for these programs this January, but few such apps have been spotted so far in the app store.

Now the company says you’ll be able to do a trial of supported apps from the Google Play store by tapping the Try it Now button beneath their listings. It is very much likely that Instant Apps are not yet supported in all parts of the world and on all eligible devices just yet.

The trial feature should make it easier to decide if you want to buy a game or a premium app before paying for it. There’s already a refund system that lets you get your money back if you return the app within two hours of your purchase, but this might help even more. 


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